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It is in our nature to view our bodies with a critical eye, and even when we want to look at the positive, there are still trouble spots. Swimming can be the solution with Lifeguard Training.

You put on your favorite jeans and look in the mirror. Is that roundness in the waist the beginning of some love handles? Horror!

It doesn’t cost anything to give others the positive attitude speech while you have plenty of time to exercise and your metabolism holds up, but when you suddenly see that you yourself have a few extra kilos, how do you react?

Benefits Of Pool

Our attitude towards body care is complex, and sometimes contradicts the effort we are willing to make in this regard. From total nonchalance to plastic surgery, everyone puts the line in one place. There are women who prefer not to put on makeup, or not dye their hair when gray hair begins to appear, while others are looking forward to going into the operating room to feel more attractive. What for some is to neglect the physical aspect for others is to accept the beauty of nature. What for some is vanity for others is self-confidence.

Physical exercise is also part of the equation. There are those who do sports to feel better and there are those who practice it to look good. And many times, for one thing, and the other.

Beauty magazines are full of self-help articles that teach us to love our bodies as they are (always after telling us that we don’t measure up, of course): make an effort to think about what you like about yourself, try to root out negative ideas, don’t obsess over what you can’t change, and so on until boredom. All good advice. But what if we really want to get rid of the holsters, the love handles or the sagging of the arms… not to achieve an ideal beauty standard but because a slim and well-toned body makes us feel healthier and happier?

We all have our problem areas.

To what extent can swim help?

Selective weight loss in specific areas is impossible, and yet hormones, genetics, and stress are responsible for accumulating fat always in the same places. What is in our power is to gain muscle right in those areas, so that when we finally lose those extra kilos they are healthy and toned. And without a doubt, swimming is one of the most effective sports for both health care (because it provides cardiovascular work, strength, and flexibility) and muscle tone (because it mobilizes the entire body in all styles).

Each of these styles, on the other hand, involves some muscle groups more than others, so when you want to focus on one area you can use specific exercises:


Arms. All swimming strokes work the shoulders, biceps, and triceps. If you want to add an extra effort, look for exercises with pull buoy and paddles.

Legs. Swimming tones the glutes, quads, abductors, hamstrings, calves and ankles. Breaststroke, in particular, involves the inner thigh. You can increase the intensity of the leg exercise -and also the abdominals- by using a kickboard.

Trunk. All styles tone the upper back and chest. In addition, exercising the trunk helps shape the waist. The rocking motion of the front crawl and back engages the abs and lower back, while the breaststroke and butterfly engage the chest and back muscles

Swimming, like physical exercise in general, is good for the mind. Surveys show that women who play sports feel more comfortable with their bodies, even when there are no noticeable physical changes. Whether it’s the post-workout feeling of well-being or the confidence gained from overcoming a physical challenge, they actually have fewer negative ideas about their appearance.

Maybe sport helps you realize what you can do with your body and you think less about appearances. We are land creatures and yet we can glide across the surface of the water as if nothing happened with American Lifeguard Events. Not bad at all, right?



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