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Medical advantages of strawberries

Strawberry is the most loved product of summer. Sweet berries appear in everything from yogurt to pastries and even plates of mixed greens. Like most berries, strawberries are a low-glycemic natural product, making them a delicious choice for individuals hoping to control or lower their glucose levels.

June is typically the best opportunity to pick new strawberries, yet red berries are accessible in general stores all year. They are tasty crude or cooked in an assortment of dishes, from sweet to exquisite.

Medical advantages of strawberries incorporate security of the heart.

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Wellbeing offices

The nutrients, minerals and cancer prevention agents in strawberries might give significant medical advantages. For instance, strawberries are plentiful in L-ascorbic acid and polyphenols, which are cell reinforcement intensifies that might assist with forestalling the advancement of specific sicknesses.

Likewise, strawberries might give other medical advantages connected with:

Insulin awareness

The polyphenols in strawberries have been displayed to further develop insulin responsiveness in non-diabetic grown-ups. Strawberries are not just low in sugar, they can likewise assist you with using different types of glucose.

Skin security

Strawberries have calming impacts that can forestall skin harm when applied topically. In a little report, strawberry-based corrective therapies safeguarded skin presented to destructive bright A (UVA)- radiation, explicitly in blend with coenzyme Q10.

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Osteoarthritis Management

One little review showed that the mitigating advantages of strawberries may likewise safeguard different pieces of the body, including the joints. For individuals with osteoarthritis and knee torment, strawberries might assist with decreasing agony and irritation and work on personal satisfaction. The utilization of strawberries has been displayed to decrease steady, irregular, and all-out torment for individuals with osteoarthritis fundamentally.


Strawberries contain a large number of bioactive mixtures that have been displayed to have defensive impacts against persistent infections. Their cell reinforcement and mitigating impacts might work on mental capacity and psychological wellness. Some exploration recommends that adding strawberries, as well as different berries, to your eating routine might assist with forestalling coronary illness, malignant growth, Alzheimer’s, and different issues.


Strawberries are plentiful in L-ascorbic acid and different cell reinforcements, which assist in diminishing the gamble of serious ailments like malignant growth, diabetes, stroke, and coronary illness.

This is additionally a phenomenal wellspring of:






Vitamin K

Supplements per serving

A 100 g serving of strawberries contains:

Calories: 91

Protein: 0.67 grams

Fat: 0.3 g

Starches: 7.68 grams

Fiber: 2 grams

Sugar: 4.89 grams

segment size

Strawberries are a low-glycemic food and are low in fat, yet they actually contain sugar. Directing your bits and keeping your servings to about a cup or less will assist you with trying not to consume an excessive number of calories.



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