McLeodganj is one of the vastly sought-after spots to visit for trekkers and mountaineers who strive for some high-octane exploration! From the pure Dhauladhar range’s heart-thumping pilgrimages to the tranquility of the Dalai Lama’s temple complex, McLeodganj would give you a much-needed retreat!

Check out some of the decent places to visit in McLeodganj and be fascinated by the incredible things you can do when in the little city.

Vipassana Meditation Centre

The Vipassana center is one of the popular McLeodganj traveler places to visit. Not just because of the artistic and religious value it holds but also because of the harmony and peace it offers.

Location- Kangra, McLeodganj.

How to reach – The center is 8 km off from the hustle-bustle of the McLeodganj borough. A car ride would be nice to use when running this path.


Wear your pointed boots and trek up the snow-capped dome jewel of Dharamshala. One of the acmes of Mcleodganj is to trek up the rocky and snowy Triund while gulping several scenic views.

Location – Himachal Pradesh

How to reach – The Triund trek begins from Gullu Temple. The trek is halfway from Dharamshala as well as McLeodganj.

Bhagsu Falls

As you take on the Triund trek, you can also grab a glance at the paradisiacal Bhagsu falls. It is one of the popular spots to visit in McLeodganj as frigid water flows through the cliffs. Not to speak of the delicious eateries at close cafes to give you a good view.

Location – The way to Bhagsu falls begins from Gunna Devi temple in Dharamshala.

How to reach – Since the plunges are just 2 km off from the major McLeodganj market, you can handily trek up and retreat with some wonderful memories.


Set free the hippie soul and resign yourself to the elegance and peace of Dharamkot! The quaint town is particularly popular as the Yoga town of McLeodganj. You will be in harmony when in Dharamkot.

Location – McLeodganj, Dharamshala.

How to reach – Dharamkot is 2 km off from McLeodganj so if you think like scouring a little, you can stroll it up or put up with a ride.

Kareri Lake

One of the popular spots to visit in McLeodganj, Kareri lake gives realistic beauty and gives real geography for snaps and photography.

Location – Dharamshala, Kangra district.

How to reach – Trekking is supposed to be the standard means to enter Kareri lake.

Minkiani Pass

One of the big bonuses of visiting McLeodganj is the fact that a bulk of trips and strolls kick off from this village. Minkiani pass is also an esteemed trek that various exploration junkies root for as it is amusing and also a tad bit dreary.

Location – Kangra

How to reach – You can begin hiking from McLeodganj or you can also enroll a group of trekkers from the village.

Namgyal Monastery

This spiritual milestone is the Dalai Lama’s reasonable abode. Wealthy in Tibetan tapestry and with an organized vibe, the place is really to make you feel warm and pleased. Also known as the Dalai Lama’s temple, it is one of the most popular spots to visit in McLeodganj.

Location – McLeodganj, Dharamshala.

How to reach – It is not relatively far from the town but barely so you don’t get lost, you can take a taxi from your inn and walk back, perhaps even explore a little in the operation.

Dal Lake

Since the lake is encircled by the famed deodar trees, much like Kashmir’s original Dal Lake, the name has been set! Just like the source, McLeodganj’s Dal lake is just as lovely and peaceful. Get a breath of what it would be like to go to Kashmir straight from McLeodganj!

Location – McLeodganj.

How to reach – You can book a conveyance to Dal Lake from the city center.

Kangra Fort

The alluring configurations of the Kangra Fort will fascinate you to the core! Assembled during the Katoch regime, it is glorified to be one of the ancientest architectures in India with some incredible views to savor!

Location – Old Kangra, Kangra district.

How to reach – A car ride to Kangra from McLeodganj is the nicest way to enter the fort.

Dhauladhar Ranges

The Dhauladhar ranges are beloved among trekkers and mountaineers. Hike up through the overgrown canyons of the span and alleviate the affection you have for some adventure!

Location – McLeodganj.

How to reach – You can begin a trek from the town. Meet a few trekkers and join troops to enjoy this trip.


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