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5 Stereotypes About Makeup Boxes That Aren’t Always True

Makeup boxes are display boxes placed on countertops to grab the customers’ attention. They are made in every shape and size, hold the products in them in the carved cuttings, they are attractive and eye-catching, they present the products adorably and creatively, which is appealing to the eyes. Although the makeup boxes are ubiquitous, they grab the attention of the customers in seconds. The design and branding of the boxes matter a lot for people to stop at your stall. The well-designed boxes always bring significant revenue.

Significance of Custom Packaging:

You must hear a lot about custom makeup boxes, and that might make you think a lot about it before opting for it. So know that everything you hear is not right about them. Although Custom makeup boxes are ubiquitous everywhere, there are certain elements that they get questioned upon. While it is an excellent thought to do complete research before you spend on the packages, as an organization, you should also know that these statements are mere myths. Below we are going to tackle some myths about custom boxes.

All Makeup Boxes Are the Same:

This is true that custom makeup boxes are made of more or less the same kind of material; they differ from each other in other aspects. Some of the boxes are specially designed for edible items such as pasta, cakes, and cookies, while other display boxes may be designed for cosmetic items. The product shape is of the utmost importance when designing a box for them. There are many types of materials available that these boxes can be made from, such as Kraft paper, corrugated paper board, or cardboard. Each of them acquires its qualities hence can be used for different items. Thus, the custom cardboard makeup boxes are different as they are customized for every product.

Corrugated Paper Boxes Are Not Strong Enough:

On the contrary, the custom mailer boxes are one of the safest materials to be used, making packaging for the products. The process of producing a corrugated paper board is using two layers and adding a flute between them to increase its strength. These display boxes can pile up quickly on top of one another without getting the inside products damaged. These eco-friendly boxes can be recycled or reused for other purposes as well!

The Prices of Makeup Boxes Increases without Warning:

This statement is wrong! While it is true that the prices do fluctuate depending on the demand in local or international markets. If you are utilizing services from a trusted supplier, then he will, for sure, notify you beforehand. He will inform you of sometime before the rise in the costs. This way, you can decide whether or not you want to purchase more or less custom pop display. In short, if you keep your eyes on the market trends, then you will, for sure, realize that you can make an idea when the prices would change, and you will be ready for it!

You Need To Buy a Lot to Actually Save On Costs:

This is not really true. Yes, buying in bulk quantity makes you save upon costs, but there are other ways to do it as well! Some vendors are supplying products free of cost, free consultation for your custom cardboard makeup boxes, and other important details. If you hire such an organization for your services, then you would save a lot on the cost without having to buy boxes in bulk. You can also utilize the warehouse of your supplier as well. If you have hired a reputable packaging company, then you can expect them to make quick deliveries for smaller quantities as well! This way, you will save your storage cost. You do not need to rely on wholesale rates for saving.

There Are Only Certain Designs That Can Be Cut:

This myth is just a myth. The method of die-cut can be used to cut any shape that you require. Custom pop display boxes can have circles cut out in them to get hold of the item perfectly. They can also have different shapes cut into the top or on the sides of the showcase what is inside them. There are a few basic shapes only that are mostly seen in display packages. But using die-cutting, any shape can be cut! Cardboard pop display can be manufactured in any colour with ease. Although they are created in their brown colour as it is easier to manufacture and recycle them this way. But they can be made customized as per the requirements of the clients. Hopefully, now you have a clearer image of the pop material in your mind, and you can use these with ease.


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