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Make Your Life Easier With Home Modifications For Elderly

Homes are a happy place where many fond memories are created. But with age, mobility and independence become increasingly challenging.

Adding a few simple home modifications for seniors can make the everyday routine more accessible and safer for everyone in your home. There are several home modifications like bathroom, kitchen and stair modifications in the market to choose from.

It depends on you what you go with. But installing home modifications in your home is suitable for both the disabled and elderly. 

A Home Is A Place Of Blessings

A home is a place of refuge for many people, and home modifications for seniors can play a vital role in making it safe and comfortable. Home modifications can make all the difference in their quality of life. Home modifications can make all the difference in their quality of life. Whether you are elderly or disabled, many home modifications for elderly will serve to make your home more accessible.

Companies offer services to help with home modifications and provide peace of mind. A wide range of home modifications can be done to help make your house more accessible. Whether you are elderly, disabled or a pet owner, these modifications can make all the difference in your quality of life.

Below we will discuss some quality home modifications for seniors that can give new life to people in aging:

Bathroom Modulations For Seniors

The bathroom can be a challenging space for those with limited mobility, but it can become a safe, comfortable and convenient place to take a bath with the proper modifications. 

Roll-in Bathtub

People with low mobility tend to find it difficult to bathe in the traditional tub. You can remedy this problem by using a bathtub with a handrail and kneeling seat.

Roll-in Shower

With the roll-in shower, people with low mobility can easily take a bath. This is an excellent alternative to taking a bath in a standard tub. The person simply rolls themselves into the shower and then sits down or lies down on a bench within the unit. The showerhead is then moved over them to be washed while sitting up or lying down, whichever they prefer – making bath time easier than ever before!

Grab Bars

The grab bars for seniors can have a strong grip on the people when they take a shower. And the grab bars for seniors can keep people far from being fell or tip-down in the shower room. Grab bars for seniors are best to provide a secure and comfortable hold on various surfaces.

These grab bars for the elderly come in different styles, including those extending from floor to ceiling and some with rubberized grips or mesh covers to prevent slips.

Kitchen Modifications For Seniors

If you’re a senior living alone or are caring for a loved one who struggles in their kitchen, some modifications can make their daily chores easier. Modifications like roll-under sinks and kitchen cabinets can help people of all ages stay active in their homes.

Kitchen Cabinets

Old age may not be a state of being, but seniors can perform their daily chores without any difficulty with the right kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets come in a wide variety, and one needs to sit with a reliable kitchen designer to know what will work best for him/her.

Roll-Under Sinks

Thanks to the roll-under sink, you can clean, wash, and store kitchen equipment, utensils, and gadgets easily. It features a sliding tray that leaves the worktop free from clutter, allowing you to easily prepare meals. The sink is made from toughened glass with a stainless steel waste pipe that saves space and blends in with your other kitchen fittings.

Inclined Platform Lifts For Seniors

Inclined Platform Lifts For Seniors help make it easier to get on and off your bed or chair with a perfect angle to rest. This unique fundraising opportunity is the perfect way to support a favorite cause or perhaps raise money for an upcoming event.

Straight Inclined Platform Wheelchair lifts

Speed of delivery, cost-effectiveness, and compact layout make the straight inclined platform wheelchair lifts carry the primary preference for accessibility in homes with one flight of stairs and no intermediate landings.

They feature much like platform lifts; however, you can design them to maintain the extra weight of the electric wheelchair and the lifting platform. 

These lifts no longer require any greater area on your property as they hook up within the stairways without making any structural modifications. Moreover, they may gear up on both immediately or curved stairways.

Curved Inclined Platform Lifts

With age, going up/down the stairs looks like tiresome work, and when you are in that phase of life when you need help to move on stairs is the most hectic task. This is where you have to install Inclined platform lifts on the curved staircase to ensure a safe and easy ride for seniors. 

Bottom Line!

SPN Construction Mobility has a variety of home modifications for elderly. Our services cater to make any home more accessible, modular ramps and walk-in bathtubs being some of the most captivating options when it comes to home modifications.

We know the requirements of our clients and always provide them with the best possible solution that is most suitable per their requirements.

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