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Maintenance methods of automobile bearings

We know that bearings are fixed components that reduce the friction coefficient and load in the process of mechanical transmission. In the car, although the bearing is a relatively small part, but its daily maintenance and maintenance is also of very important significance. In order to drive safety, car wheel bearings must be regularly checked, cleaned and lubricated.

First of all, lift up the end of the car that needs to be checked and support it on the safety support. If the rear wheel is checked, the parking brake should be removed first and the wheel should be rotated by hand. Under normal conditions, the wheel should rotate smoothly, without irritating friction and “stomping” sound. When listening to the sound, do not confuse the brake pad with the scraping sound of the brake disc and the noise of the bearing rotation, so as to avoid misjudgment.

Check wheel bearing nuts and make sure they are tightened. To do this, grab the top and bottom of the tire and shake the wheel inward and outward. You should not feel a noticeable wobble. If you feel a little loose or uncomfortable, or the vehicle has been driven for 50,000 kilometers without cleaning the bearing for grease, you should disassemble and check. The bearing nut is fixed by the cotter pin. It should be removed and thrown away and replaced with a new cotter pin. If the car bearing is secured with a special lock nut, then a punch is used to release it from the groove of the axle. It is better to replace the nut with a new one when reassembling. Unscrew the nut with the socket hand and shake the wheel to remove the stop ring and outer bearing. Remove the tire from the vehicle and place it on two wooden pads. Knock off the oil seal at the back of the hub with a punch. The inner bearing will fall off with the oil seal.

Thoroughly clean all parts with cleaning agent, place the cleaned bearing on a clean cloth and let it dry naturally. Carefully inspect each roller and roller cage and check the outer seat ring of the bearing. If there is deep scratch, peeling or thermal discoloration on the roller or seat ring, the bearing must be replaced.

Apply new grease to the bearings that have been washed and dried. The method is to evenly press the grease around the roller by hand, load the inner bearing into the hub and install a new oil seal, and hammer the hardwood block into place. Put the hub on the axle, install the outer bearing and the stop ring, rotate the hub on the one hand, tighten the fixing nut on the other hand, consult the maintenance manual and tighten the fixing nut as prescribed.

Insert a new cotter pin, if not the hole should be slightly loose rather than tighten the nut, and then bend the cotter pin end. If the vehicle is using a special fixed nut, the lock piece part should be bent and fixed properly, and the maintenance of wheel bearings will be completed.

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The difference between non-metallic sliding bearings and metal sliding bearings

Sliding friction occurs when sliding bearings work; The rolling friction force depends on the manufacturing precision. And the size of friction force of sliding bearing mainly depends on the bearing sliding surface material. The general working face of sliding bearing has self-lubrication function; Sliding bearings are divided into non-metallic sliding bearings and metal sliding bearings according to materials.

Non-metallic sliding bearings are mainly plastic bearings at present, plastic bearings are generally made of engineering plastics with good performance; Professional manufacturers generally have self-lubricating modification technology of engineering plastics. Through fiber, special lubricant, glass beads and so on, self-lubricating enhancement modification of engineering plastics is made to achieve certain performance, and then modified plastics are processed into self-lubricating plastic bearings by injection molding. At present, professional manufacturers in the world are IGUS of Germany and CSB of China.

The most commonly used metal sliding bearings are three-layer composite bearings. This kind of bearings are generally based on carbon steel plate. Through sintering technology, a layer of spherical copper powder is first sintered on the steel plate, and then a layer of 0.03mm PTFE lubricant is sintered on the copper powder layer. The main function of the middle layer of spherical copper powder is to strengthen the bonding strength between the steel plate and PTFE, of course, it also plays a certain role in the work of bearing and lubrication; At present, the professional manufacturers in the world are GGB Company in the United States, OILES Company in Japan and CSB Company in China.

It is not difficult to see from the above instructions that there are the following differences between plastic bearings and metal sliding bearings:

  1. The whole plastic bearing is a lubricating material with long service life; The lubrication layer of metal sliding bearing is only 0.003mm PTFE surface, when this thin layer of friction is declared the end of the service life;

2, the use of plastic bearings will not occur rust phenomenon and corrosion resistance, and metal bearings easy to rust can not be used in chemical liquid;

3, plastic bearing weight is lighter than metal, which is more suitable for the modern lightweight design trend;

  1. The manufacturing cost of plastic bearings is lower than that of metal bearings; Plastic bearings are made of injection molding and are more suitable for mass production;
  2. Plastic bearings do not have any noise in operation and have certain vibration absorption function.

Because plastic bearings have many advantages over metal sliding bearings, the output of plastic bearings is expanding, and the use of plastic bearings is constantly extending. From fitness equipment to office equipment and the automobile industry, plastic bearings are used. At present, there is no car running on the highway without plastic bearings. Plastic bearing market prospect is infinite broad!

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