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List of the 20 best book blogs To Follow

If you’re similar to us, the love for writing and reading isn’t just limited to the books you have on your bookshelf or the notes in your notebook. You’re always looking for the latest news in the world of literature including the most recent publication news as well as interviews of authors, and writing tips columns.

Do you recognize yourself in this? If yes, then look for yourself; we’ve put together a list of the 20 top books blogs to follow in the year 2023. These blogs specialize in specific genres and subjects of all kinds and there’s bound to be something for any kind of book lover. Without further delay take a look at Scribendi’s latest list of the top 20 books blogs to follow for 2023!

1. The Amazon Book Review

Go through Amazon Book Review. Amazon Book Review for everything that a lover of books can want: highlights on a wide range of books. Book reviews by celebrities and author interviews, all organized in a lively simple-to-read book blog. Peruse “best of” lists as well as book reviews and celeb picks to keep up-to-date on the latest news in the world of literary. Also check Imamia Jantri 2023.

2. John Pistelli

Professor at the University of Minnesota, blogger John Pistelli holds a PhD in English literature. He has written several pieces of poetry and fiction as well as novels ( Portraits and Ashes). The insightful, artistic posts and musings that he writes with his followers aren’t influenced by current hot topics or news. But are driven by his personal passions for literature of the past and present. This blog reviews books and features poetry and drama as well as non-fiction, as well as books from other genres. The readers can anticipate about one review per week.

3. Bustle Books

A fresh look at the world of literature centered around women in the millennial generation. Bustle Books’ poignant essays and spotlight on the surprising influence of fanfiction offer an original. And insightful viewpoint on the written word that will appeal to writers who grew up on the internet.

4. From First Page to Last

From the First Page To Last is a vibrant blog that highlights authors, books and publishers from every genre. Reviewers can search by author or reviewer. If you like knowing the inside story about the process of writing and thinking behind an upcoming novel This is the blog for you!

5. A Life in Books

The blogger Susan Osborne has done it everything. She has been in the book business as a writer and also as a magazine editor. She says the goals of her blog are to “select snippets of book news that interest [her], talk about some of the books [she’s] just read and alert readers to titles that might not find themselves in the glare of the publicity spotlight.” Visit Suspense Digest for the latest book reviews, insightful news and recommendations. That are carefully curated and other thoughts of one who is happily absorbed in the literary world.

6. The Guardian’s Books Blog

Visit The Guardian’s Books Blog to discover a collection of captivating articles about the books we all know and love. And their impact on us and our lives, as well as insights into lesser-known books that merit more attention. Discussion and interaction with other readers is encouraged. Visit us to discuss your favourite books or reads with other avid readers.

7. Reedsy

This site features “curated collections of the best stories this planet has to offer.” It is easy to get lost in the articles that promise content like “50 Subgenres and Their Must-Reads.” Their articles cover the most popular and relevant topics from the world of literature with a hint of culture on top. Their website also contains reviews of books and new works eager to get discover.

8. Flavorwire Books

Modern and stylish, Flavorwire offers several monthly content that explore the classics of the past as well as contemporary publication. The fresh approach to the world of literature mixes book culture and pop culture, giving freshness to its review and essays.

9. Reader Witch

The lively voice of Alexandra the blogger enthralls readers as she reviews her most loved books and gives her thoughts and impressions on the books she’s read recently. A literary blog with an aesthetic approach, this blog celebrates the wonderful qualities of books. you’ll be enthralled by the artistically photographed book photos and book cover features equally as the informative articles.

10. Vilma Iris

A “internationally renowned book blogger and USA Today blog columnist,” Vilma Iris Gonzalez reviews books as well as recent favourites audiobook recommendations, as well as author interviews, all with a contemporary look and a touch of life motivation.

11. Jane Friedman

The clean, minimalist blog is a source of writing news and suggestions for writers by authors. Its posts cover every aspect of book marketing and publishing and trends in the industry, including writing advice, conducting research to write projects, identifying the right writing niche and polishing your characters to be credible. The blog also offers on-line classes and features discussions with industry professionals, and features significant books that explore how to write.

12. Book Riot

A distinctly book-lover site, this blog is a vibrant riot of energy and color. You’ll find posts on a variety of literary topics along with various interest pieces books interviews, as well as a look at the process of adaptations of books to movies. Current and up-to-date, Book Riot also features numerous books-related items that will delight readers of all ages and tastes.

13. 49 th Shelf

49 the Shelf boasts the biggest assortment of Canadian books online, and is a fantastic way to find the next book you’ve been looking for. This blog features carefully curated lists of books and a vibrant community of bibliophiles. You can browse quietly from afar and read helpful user reviews as well as interesting blog articles, or join (for no cost) to become a member and create your own book review blog posts.

14. Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews has been an prominent name in the field of literature since 1933 when the debut book reviews first appeared. Along with its insightful reviews and book reviews, it features podcasts and blog about books, and hosts the famous Kirkus Prize, which is awarded annually to deserving titles in non-fiction, fiction and children’s literature.

15. The Millions

The Millions is a snarky online magazine that is brimming with stories that dare to delve into off-the-wall and unorthodox literary subjects. It is possible to search for your most loved books and read all essays and articles that discuss the books, or explore the latest news about books and topics of the week.

16. The New Yorker’s Page-Turner

Inspired by the love of reading and reading, Page-Turner features stories about authors, books and the themes and ideas that drive them. Fiction, poetry, literature and nonfiction are put together in one tidy box and the resulting vivid stories are truly pages-turners (or better called page-scrollers!).

17. Quillblog

Quillblog is the blog for books that is part of Canadian Literary magazine Jasoosi Digest. A page for book lovers with an industry twist that highlights the latest literary news, as well as prize winners. The site also features book reviews as well as literary culture sections dedicated to young and children’s books of all kinds. It is possible that, just like cookies or chips it’s impossible to put down after one. You’ll probably be reading a lot of pages without even realizing the amount of time that has gone by!

18. The Writing Cooperative

With the goal consisting of “helping each other write better,” the Writing Cooperative sets its own standards very high. True to its words this blog is a great source for anyone who interested in writing as well as they enjoy reading. With thoughtful posts that offer intimate glimpses into the writing journals of the authors as well as tips and tricks shared by professionals in the field This organized and professional book blog gives readers a glimpse into the two aspects of the literary world.

19. Bookforum

Bookforum is a blog that Bookforum blog serves as a web-based version of the well-known magazine for book reviews that has the same title, that has been published 5 times each year. A large portion of the print magazine’s content (reviews essays, review articles and news from the industry) as well as a large amount of web-exclusive content is accessible in the Blog. Check out archived and new blog posts–the blog is regularly updated–to stay up to date with the most famous names and most recent news from the world of literary.

20. Readability

Australian book lover Fleur Morrison blends her love of reading and writing in the blog Readability. She makes use of this blog to talk about books by the genre, merit and reading experience. Her insightful descriptions and comments are informative and give you the impression. That you’re discussing the book with a fellow reader.


Have fun reading the top 20 book blogs for 2023! Don’t forget Scribendi’s personal blog that supplies writers with all the help and tools needed to enhance their writing. The articles we publish cover every step of writing starting with planning. And writing any kind of academic paper to revising it and finishing the document. If you’re seeking grammar advice, writing resources or tips regarding any aspect of writing. Scribendi’s blog can be the perfect place for writers to improve their craft.



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