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List of  Most Common Problems Faced by Nursing Students

There is a deceptive amount of common sense in nursing classes. Students have to really work hard to memorize something that the first time they were told it. Learning how to overcome the biggest and common problems of nursing students.

You need to choose an unknown number of correct answers from five possible options. There is a lot of detail to internalize in nursing school, but you will automatically remember it once you are in a clinical setting.

They thought, “Well, duh.” So when it was time for the test, was it “color, clarity, odor, and amount” or “color, consistency, odor, and amount” or “color, clarity, odor, and sediment”?

Here is list of common Problem of Nursing Students

You might have chosen the nursing profession with pride, zeast, and excitement, but you better know that there are a lot of challenges you will face. Like few of them are following

  1. Time management: Poor time management, which results in less concentration on studies (partying, poor learning habits, avoiding work, etc.)
  2. Overwhelming Situation: Do not discuss your situation with a teacher or counselor or seek help in other ways if you are overwhelmed
  3. Learning, Learning, and Learning :It is not enough to simply identify with the diseases or conditions one must learn.
  4. Not Enough Appreciation: The allied health professions (PT, OT, ST, etc.) are under-appreciated.)
  5. Insufficient preparation for clinical settings, such as reviewing medications, treatments, diagnoses/disorders before entering the clinical area.
  6. When one graduates from nursing school, one’s studies are over, which means you are not going to get much help from teachers in you carriere, except if you had developed good relations or left pleasant memories in school. 

Talking About Nurses in General

Knowing all the nurses and physicians that I have known in my life, I generally prefer nurses. They are often much more caring. I prefer nurses over anyone else.

Physicians and nurses have different philosophical perspectives. Physicians spend much more time learning to PLAN than nurses do on training and indoctrination. A physician usually jumps to conclusions, a nurse plans the PROCESS and then finds the solution.

The nursing profession is all about CARING. Nursing is all about PROCESS. Nurses are known for their BREADTH and their EXPERIENCE. Nursing is all about teaching. On the other hand, physicians are focused on action and specificity.

common Problem of Nursing Students

Nurses are not Physicians

When a nurse becomes a nurse practitioner, she does not become a physician. As a nurse practitioner, I have worked with many physician assistants. Their jobs are similar, but they do them differently (in general).

A nursing student is a baby nurse. They should be treated respectfully, asked for their opinions, and taught and advised. The truth is that they don’t know much since they don’t study anatomy, physiology, chemistry, or pharmacology to the same extent as medical students, but medical students are pretty clueless. I certainly was.

Because I haven’t done hospital practice in about 20 years, I tried to include the student nurses as well as the journeymen (and women) nurses in interesting things, physical findings, and explanations of what we were doing.

A journeyman is a skilled worker who does not need to be supervised, such as a stone mason, plumber, carpenter) I often asked nurses for advice about how to handle patients, not just what to prescribe, but how to bandage things, get a patient up and walking, eating, or what the patient’s mood was like. As a team, how can we handle this patient’s issues?

It Took Years to Become Professional Nurse

A skilled, professional nurse takes several years of practice, like any other skilled profession. Physicians have to complete a residency and then practice for 10 years to become really good at what they do. A similar statement can be made about carpenters, accountants, mechanics, and pilots.

Managing Your life Social Life

Maintain sterile fields, take the initiative to ask people you don’t know personal questions, and manage your life outside of school so that it does not interfere with your schoolwork. These are some of the things I saw many people struggle with, but it varies from person to person.

Despite not being a nurse, I work alongside them as an ambulance driver. I had expected that these problems would also apply to nurses. Both are amazing humans. I cannot think of any male-specific problems.

Getting too Little Sleep

An insufficient amount of sleep. Clinical rotations can be physically and mentally exhausting because there is so much reading and preparation. When those were the quickest, on-the-go, foods available, most of us piled on a few extra pounds from binging on the wrong foods. Working hours strained family relationships.

You may agree or disagree but sleep deprivation leads to eating too much or too little, anxiety, lack of social life, doubt, fear of killing a patient, procrastination.

Nurses and Technology

Due to lack of time and interest many nursing students don’t have direct interaction with technology, like gadgets, smartphones, apps, social media, laptops, etc. Now, the situation has changed and all types of nurses(specially professionals) have to learn to use laptops, smartphones, and android apps. 

common Problem of Nursing Students

There are plenty of apps that are useful for them to manage patients and routine tasks.



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