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LinkLifting Review – How LinkLifting Increases Your Rankings

This digital marketing agency has been a Premier Google Partner since 2006. Founded in 2006, they offer a disciplined approach to digital marketing, complete transparency, and a culture of excellence. Using for your link building needs can help you increase your rankings quickly and easily. The service is completely free, and you’ll be able to track your progress online in real-time. And since the process is automated, you’ll never have to worry about creating links manually.

Links are created automatically

If you’re looking for an SEO service that can build links for your website automatically, look no further than Linklifting. This service works to boost your site’s search engine ranking with a few clicks. Its automated backlink creation service takes care of everything else. As long as you have great content, Linklifting will do the rest. And since it has 32 trillion backlinks, you can be sure that your website will be getting plenty of free exposure.

The service has three features that can be set to automatically create links for your website. You can configure the software to not suggest links for specific posts or pages, which is especially helpful if your website contains a lot of orphaned content. “Orphaned” content is content that doesn’t have any backlinks and is often found by visitors who already know about it. But organic traffic is comprised of visitors who don’t know everything about your site. They explore the landing pages first, and the orphaned content is almost always the last one to be discovered usglobalworld.

LinkLifting recommends a budget for link building

Before you start your link building campaign, you should determine your overall budget. LinkLifting recommends a budget based on your target keywords. You can increase or decrease this amount as needed. For example, a low-competitor niche might require a small budget, but a competitive market may demand a larger budget. In either case, it is a good idea to set a budget and adjust it later as needed.

There are two types of link building: natural and manual. Natural link building includes social media, blog posting, article writing, and comments on other sites. Manual link building, on the other hand, requires outreach to other webmasters and requesting hyperlinks from their websites. Though manual link building is more time-consuming, it can have high success rates. Listed below are two popular forms of link building:

It provides a real-time position monitoring

Linklifting is a powerful link building tool that helps track your website’s position every day. This is helpful in keeping an eye on your SEO campaign because it gives you a real-time picture of where you stand for both high volume and long-tail keywords. It is also important for improving your rankings in search engines, especially Google, and Linklifting’s system does just that.

It has a buying intent score

There are a number of ways to identify buying intent and use it to your advantage. has a buying intent score, which can be used to identify prospects who are ready to purchase your products or services. The company’s proprietary algorithm, Lift AI, integrates profile-based lead scoring with real-time behavioral data and features a proprietary machine-learning model trained on 14 million live sales engagements. Lift AI evaluates every visitor to your website and can assess buying intent, even if visitors are anonymous. Its algorithm is 85% accurate in identifying visitors with the highest buying intent.



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