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Knowlarity is one of the leading Toll-Free Number Service Providers

Toll-free numbers are gradually becoming an identity of a business. These numbers are available in the 1800 series in India and enable customers to contact a company free of cost. If you are looking for a feature-packed high quality and cheapest Toll-free number in India, then Knowlarity will be the best choice. You may ask why? The company offers the best quality cloud communication products, including a toll-free number, at the best prices.

To know about the best toll-free number service provider, you should look at the company’s credentials and track record. It would help to consider a few other factors while selecting the best provider.

Features of The Product

The best choice should lead to a feature-rich solution that enables the customers to call the business free of cost and provide value-added advantages. For instance, the solution offered by Knowlarity offers a gamut of features, such as the IVR. IVR integration has become necessary to provide better CX. By narrowing the selection to the precise solution via the menus offered; customers can get quick query resolutions. Fast query resolution is a huge factor contributing to an enhanced CX. Customers need not wait in the call queue, which seems like an endless wait for them. Long waiting periods lead to bad CX and hurt the company’s reputation.

The call routing feature allows a business to smartly route the calls to the available free agents and quickly connect them with the customers. Optimising routing helps customers get quick query resolutions as they connect with the agents faster.

The software allows call recording, and the call logs prove to be a vast source of learning for a business. They help companies understand their customers, their pain points, and how they can adopt the right strategy to improve their experience with their products and services. It helps attract customers and retain them by continuously providing them with an enhanced CX.


The software offers several benefits, so it would be best to contact a reliable toll-free number service provider and leverage the solution’s capabilities.

The software helps attract more leads as the prospective customers are not hesitant to call up a business due to high operator charges. A company gets more leads by offering zero cost in engaging with it. It’s a golden opportunity for the business as they can leverage the interest of the callers and convert them into loyal customers. The software helps immensely in building a brand recall value. The toll-free contact number is easy to remember, and customers start associating the number with that business after a while. So, the numbers begin representing the business and help to strengthen brand recall value.

24×7 Availability:

The software solution enables a business to get 24×7 availability by forwarding the calls received on the toll-free number to the agents’ mobile numbers and landlines. Therefore, it ensures that customers can stay connected with a business beyond working hours and speak to the company to resolve their issues.

Track Marketing Campaigns:

The cheapest toll-free number in India allows businesses to track market campaigns effortlessly. Companies can collect valuable customer feedback via surveys and polls and instantly know about the customers’ preferences on the goods and services offered and their campaigns. They can also learn about the quality of the customer support they are offering.

Explore New Markets:

Every business needs growth to maximise profitability. A company having ambitious expansion plans can rely on the premium toll-free numbers and get the software solution to tap foreign markets. They can engage with potential customers in new markets with minimal infrastructure and cost-efficient prices.

Who is The Leading Toll-Free Number Service Provider?

Knowlarity is a leading toll-free contact number service provider that offers a feature-rich solution. The software has several capabilities to guarantee maximum advantage and streamline your business communication. The functionality of the toll-free number provided by Knowlarity offers several benefits, such as higher lead conversion. The solution offers better CX, and in addition to free calling, the IVR provides the customers with a seamless call experience. So, it’s a win-win situation for the customers who connect with business with zero – cost and get quick answers. For detailed information on Knowlarity and the cheapest toll-free number in India,



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