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Know About The Best Volleyball Tournaments You Can Bet On

Sports betting has recently gained popularity in India. People bet on various sports, including football, cricket, volleyball, etc. People place wagers for enjoyment or to make quick cash. Several people also bet on sports professionally. Volleyball is one such game people enjoy betting on across the globe. You can bet on either of the two types of volleyball, beach and indoor. One key aspect you must consider to make money while betting on a particular sport, apart from knowing the game and having a good betting strategy, is picking the proper tournament. There are certainly well-known and optimal volleyball tournaments on which professional sports betters bet. Let’s take you through some of the best volleyball tournaments to bet on. 

Tips to Make Money While Betting on Volleyball 

Knowing specific tips and strategies before betting on a sport is essential for making money. Here is a list of tips you must keep in mind while making bets on volleyball. 

  • Know the game rules – The game rules are easy to learn and can be found on any online website. The game’s main aim is to score a certain number of points before the opposing team by keeping the ball above the ground in your court. 
  • Select a credible website to place your volleyball bet – Certain websites exist to make money off you. Hence you must find websites that are convenient to use and offer a variety of payment methods. In addition, they must be licensed and legitimate websites. 
  • Research – Research before the game is crucial. You can research team-specific details such as injured players, substitutes, the team’s form, etc. You can also read about the weather conditions if you are betting on beach volleyball. 
  • Know the types of volleyball bets – Often, different volleyball tournaments offer different kinds of bets. 
    • Match bet – A bet on which team wins the match.
    • Total Points bet – A bet on the range of total points scored by teams. For example, the total number of points will differ based on whether you are betting on a beach or indoor volleyball. 
    • Betting on sets – A bet where you predict the number of sets won and lost. 
    • Handicap bets – A bet determining a specific point difference between teams. 
    • Balance bets – Betting that both teams will score 24 points. 
    • Tournament bets – A bet on the tournament’s winner, a particular stage in the game, etc. 

Volleyball Tournaments You Can Bet On 

Volleyball, being a popular game, there are a variety of tournaments on which you can bet. Here is a list of some tournaments you must know if you wish to bet on volleyball. 

  • FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships – Many say this tournament is the pinnacle of beach volleyball. It is held every two years. The level of competition is exceptionally high. The skill-sets required to participate in this tournament are also high, making it exciting and fun to bet on. The tournament has men’s and women’s championships running side by side, and you can bet on either of them. 
  • FIVB Volleyball Men’s Nations League – The World Volleyball League was replaced by this tournament in 2018, and ever since, it has been an exciting event. Fortunately for those who wish to bet on volleyball, it takes place annually, so they don’t have to wait too long as they do for the world championships. The top national teams play in this tournament, increasing competition. You can place bets on Nations League Winner, Final Four, and Individual Awards.
  • Russian Superleague – Russia has performed extraordinarily globally in various volleyball tournaments. Even their home tournament is hugely competitive and demands great skill, making it ideal for betting. 
  • Men’s European Volleyball Championship – This tournament is held for the nations’ national teams in Europe. It is highly competitive. It is held every two years. 
  • NORCECA Championship – This tournament is for Central America, North America, and the Caribbean teams. The championship was created in 1969 and is played every two years. It is a diverse tournament for both men and women. 


To conclude, you can place your volleyball bet on different online sports betting websites. Before placing wagers, you must know the game’s rules and certain betting strategies. It is also advisable to research the team you are betting on, among other aspects. Volleyball is an extremely popular game with several tournaments you can bet on for fun and make money. Therefore, it is essential to ensure it is a credible tournament before placing bets. Betting on the top tournaments is a thrill due to the high levels of competition and the unpredictability of the outcome. 



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