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Just Starting Your Trading Journey? 7 Trading Strategies

A combination of fundamental and technical analysis would be good for swing trading, whilst quantitative analytical techniques would be quite effective for scalping. It is better if individuals know everything there is to know about the trading technique they chose as a trader.

Trading Strategies

A few trading strategies that a trader needs to know are:

1. Day Trading

Day trading, also known as intraday trading, is a trading style where people trade shares, futures, options, commodities, and other financial instruments within the same trading session. There is a high risk and high return in intraday trading for beginners.

Day traders aim to gain from short-term movements of securities. The aim is to earn on small price changes within the same trading session or day by executing many trades.

The term “day trading” is not synonymous with “trading”. It refers to a strategy where a trader holds a position for a short period, usually hours or less than one day.

2. Swing Trading

It is a strategy in which traders acquire financial instruments and hold them for typically a few days to several weeks to make a profit.

The trader’s motive is to gain from any fluctuation in the prices, or “swing,” in the capital market. 

3. News Trading 

In a news trading strategy, traders trade before & after a news release depending on the market expectations. 

Because news may flow quickly on digital media, trading on news announcements requires a trained mindset. Traders must examine the information as soon as it is available and rapidly decide how to trade it.

For example, if traders feel the upcoming budget could benefit the healthcare sector, they could buy pharma stocks in advance and profit once the budget is announced. 

4. Scalping Trading 

Scalping is a short-term trading strategy in which traders make deals at high speed. Scalp traders only hold their positions for a few minutes at a time. 

They prefer to trade in rapid succession when an opportunity exists, and they believe in producing little profits rather than waiting for a major trade chance to present itself. 

Scalp trading is based on the idea of limiting market exposure by entering and closing positions fast.

5. Position Trading 

Position trading is one of the long-term trading strategies. Between day traders and long-term investors, position traders occupy a middle ground. 

They wait in the market for a long time, perhaps weeks or months, before squaring off their position to make a bigger profit. Position traders invest for a longer period, resulting in higher profits and raising the trader’s risk. 

Although position traders use both fundamental and technical trading techniques to make their selections, technical analysis is the most important aspect of their strategy.

6. End-of-day Trading

The end-of-day trading method entails trading near market close. When it becomes evident that the price is about to settle or close, end-of-day traders get active.

This method necessitates a comparison of price change with the previous day. 

End-of-day traders can then predict how the price will move based on the price movement and choose which indicators to use in their system. 

Other trading tactics necessitate a greater time commitment than this form of trading.

7. Trend Trading 

Trend trading is a method that involves identifying the direction of market momentum using technical indicators. 

It is a trading strategy that entails purchasing an item when its price trend rises and selling when the trend falls, with the hope that the price volatility would continue.

This strategy believes that markets have some predictability and that a trader can make a judgment of what will happen in the future. This can be done by analyzing price movements and historical trends. 

This strategy is typically thought of as a medium to long-term trading strategy, however, it can theoretically encompass any timeframe depending on how long the trend lasts. You need to open Demat along with a trading account.

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