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Is E-Cig Smoke Harmful to Others?

First and foremost, e-cigarettes or vape devices such as disposable vapes like Elux legend and rechargeable vapes do not produce smoke. They create vapours. E-cigrettes are battery-powered devices that heat the e-liquid and convert them into the steam of vapours. The e-liquids of vapes do not contain toxic chemicals like cigarettes.

Cigarettes contain tobacco, formaldehyde, arsenic and other detrimental elements. In comparison, e-liquid ingredients are made of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavours and nicotine(optional). The ingredients of e-juice are relatively less harmful than cigarette-related chemicals and have been widely used in the medical and cosmetic industries for years.

Cigrette Smoke Vs E-Cig Vapours:

As mentioned earlier, e-cigrettes do not produce tar-containing smoke. Instead, they create vapours that are 95% safer than cigarette smoke. Moreover, there is clear evidence that shows that e-cig vapours are less harmful to human health than second-hand smoke.

Dreadful Impact of Cigrette Smoke: (Second-hand smoke)

A single cigarette contains approximately 7000 lethal and dreadful chemicals, all of which increase the risk of cancer in humans. Moreover, second-hand smoke or passive smoking increases the chances of bronchitis and developing incurable diseases in infants. 

Second-hand smoke refers to the smoke that a smoker exhales and comes from the cigarette’s lit end. Secondhand smoke develops diseases in humans and unseen viruses in the environment, which ruin the climate and add to the air pollution. (Use a disposable vape device like Elux legend 3500 puffs to get rid of smoking)

E-cigarettes are 95% Safer than a conventional Cigarette:

E-cigrettes have been around for over a decade, but they have gained tremendous popularity in just recent years. One of the primary reasons behind their popularity is that they are considered 95% less harmful than cigarettes and create less harm to the environment.

There is no evidence that shows that e-cigrette vapours harm other people. No matter which device you use, a disposable vape device or a rechargeable device,  there is no way that vapes impose the risk of cancer or any severe diseases in humans.

E-Juices Contain Lab-Processed Nicotine:

There is nicotine in cigarettes, and there is nicotine in e-liquids. Then how is it possible that nicotine in e-juices is much less harmful than in cigarettes? The nicotine in cigarettes is directly extracted from the tobacco leaves, which reduces the productivity of humans and makes them extremely sick. In contrast, nicotine in e-liquids is lab-processed and comes in specific levels or strengths.

According to Tobacco Product Directives, nicotine strength in vape juices cannot exceed up to 2%. If any vape merchandiser or manufacturer tries to cross that limit deliberately, they will face heavy penalties.

Since the nicotine in e-juices is regulated, they do not harm people’s health. There are typically two types of nicotine (a) Freebase and (b) Nic-salt. Both are equally trendy among vapers. There was a time when disposable vape devices contained only freebase nicotine e-liquid in them. However, nowadays, you will get to see various pod devices that carry nic-salt e-liquids.

What’s the Verdict?

When comparing cigarette smoke to e-cigrette vapour, you will notice that e-cigrette vapour is less suspicious and deleterious. It is because e-cigrettes do not combust tobacco and work by heating e-liquids.

People who say that cigarette smoke and e-liquid vapours are the same are clearly unaware of the vaping terminologies. If you are a vaper, you know that vapours are far less harmful than smoke. 

Additionally, if you do not like creating big clouds of vapours and want to weave off your smoking habit, you may want to choose a disposable vape device. The device helps you create significantly fewer vapours and also helps you kick your smoking.



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