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Is AbroadVice Reliable To Study In Poland? Let’s Unveil The Truth!

Located in Northwestern Europe, Poland is well-renowned for its mesmerising beauty, diverse culture, and rich economy. Apart from that, it also tends to attract numerous students due to its top-class universities, affordable tuition costs, impressive student life and lucrative scholarship opportunities. If you’ve also shortlisted Poland as your study abroad destination but have zero ideas about how to proceed, it’s wise to sign up with an eminent consultancy service for necessary guidance. In the present era, numerous consultancy services have mushroomed online. One such brand is Abroadvice, a new entrant in the industry that has become recently popular for providing unmatched support to students.

If you are thinking of availing the guidance of Abroadvice.com, go through this detailed and unbiased AbroadVice review we have curated especially for you. Read all the crucial details diligently to comprehend whether it’s reliable and safe or not.

Let’s dig in!

AbroadVice.com Review

While conducting in-depth research, we found that Abroadvice.com is a one-stop solution provider for students looking to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Poland. The company aims to offer an incredible experience through unwavering support and guidance to students who want to study overseas, especially in Poland. Additionally, the company has liaisons with all major higher-education institutes in Poland.

As per the info on its website and our research, the company clearly states it maintains contact with its clients and assists them throughout the entire transitory process.

Based on our analysis and according to 85% of customers, Adbroadvice.com is a legit and reliable consultancy website. About 82% of students confirmed that the website offers end-to-end assistance and maintains transparency. They ensure to keep in contact with their clients and assist them throughout the transitory process, proving they are surely not a scam.

Admission Process Support Review

As per their website, Abroadvice.com aims to offer unwavering support to students who aspire to study abroad in Poland. They prepare students for admission to desired universities in Poland and mock tests. Also, prepare them for essential exams like IELTS Academic, TOEFL iBT, PTE Academic, C1 Advanced, etc.

AbroadVice offer one-on-one counselling sessions to help you choose the right university, help in managing your application process, and provide all necessary information on the documentation. They also offer essential information on eligibility requirements and even craft succinct LOI & SOPs to make your application stand out. Hence, it offers reliable and legit services to all students of Poland.

Visa Support Review

According to countless Abroadvice.com reviews, the website offers comprehensive guidance to students to get visas seamlessly in Poland. With its certified counsellors by your side, you’ll never have to face any difficulties studying overseas. They offer essential information on the necessary documents required and help you handle all the paperwork remarkably. Thus, Abroadvice.com is a legit company on which you can rely, eyes closed.

Pre-Departure Support Review

Abroadvice.com is not lying when it claims to be a client-centric company whose services don’t stop as soon as you make the payment. Before you set off to pursue your academic endeavours in Poland, their certified counsellors conduct a couple of group sessions offering pre-departure support guidance.

They offer remarkable hacks and strategies to manage culture shock, deal with bouts of homesickness, inform all about Polish culture and ethnicity and ways to manage your finances remarkably.


In conclusion, Abroadvice is completely legit and safe. The services are well-devised, remarkably organised and detailed. In addition, they have reliable experts who offer end-to-end guidance to students along with live sessions helping them to achieve their academic goals.

After considering all the genuine reviews and our research, we safely conclude that Abroadvice.com is a brilliant player in the career consultation industry. Therefore, if you want to study in Poland, we recommend taking their services without thinking twice.

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