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Is a Resume Writing Service Worth It?

It’s only natural to wonder if something that requires you to invest your money is worth it. And it is no different when the topic is a resume writing service. After all, if you are possibly looking for a job, maybe it’s time to save up a little.

Writing your own resume may sound like an easy task to accomplish. After all, you know your story better than anyone. But this is where it gets tricky: do you know how to tell it the way recruiters want to read it? People may think that it is nothing but a simple task, but many of them are also wondering why they haven’t been called to any interviews yet.

The truth is that the market is fierce and applicants must keep up with it in order to be chosen for their dream job. And resume writing services offer just the experts you need to sharpen up your entire application to make sure you accomplish your goals. So, yes, it is an investment, but the thing about investing is that you will get something greater in return.

When Is It Worth to Hire a Resume Writing Service?

The perfect scenario is for you to always have your resume ready to go, because you never know when a jaw-dropping job opportunity might come up.

But the moment a resume writing service can really be a game changer is when you are actively looking for a job. Especially if you are looking to switch up positions or seeking for a job in another area, because they can make sure your resume is in the right shape to:

  1. Pass through all tracking systems;
  2. Be attractive to hiring managers and recruiters;
  3. Show hiring managers and recruiters you have the qualifications needed for the job, so they take you into consideration when deciding who they will want to interview.

For both scenarios, a good first step is to reach out to a resume writing service and have them review your resume. And the good thing is: they will usually do that for a small fee or even no cost at all. After getting your resume professionally assessed, you can decide if you feel the need to hire them to rewrite your resume.

Why Is It Worth to Have Your Resume Professionally Written (or Rewritten)?

There are a few good reasons to hire a professional resume writing service. Here is a list of the 3 main reasons why hiring a resume writing service is a great idea:

1. They Know How to Pass Tracking Systems

The number of applicants outgrow the number of recruiters by thousands out there. So, in order to make their jobs a little easier, recruiters and hiring managers have come up with a system that helps them sort out possibly good applicants among the many.

This system is called the Applicant Tracking System (a.k.a ATS) and it is widely used in the hiring world. What it does is it uses specific keywords to track the internet’s database for matching profiles. That way, recruiters already start their selection process with a relevant selected number of resumes in hand.

The ATS has a way to track corresponding resumes through guidelines that resumes must match in order to stand out and be selected, such as formatting and specific keywords. And a professional resume writing service will make sure your resume fits all of those guidelines perfectly.

2. They are the Perfect Writers for Your Story

What is a resume if not a specifically formatted document that tells your story as a professional? While most people would like to believe that the best person to tell their own story is themselves, this is actually not true.

Recruiters have a very specific way to read resumes in order to save them time and tell if that is a good applicant or not faster. Besides, there are always specific skills and qualifications that they will, most likely, be looking for in a resume, whereas there are others that will only distract them from the important ones.

Professional resume writers are the experts on the topic. It is their job to keep up with the industry’s ways and its nuances. It’s their job to know exactly what to write, because it is their job to know exactly what recruiters want to read and how they want to read it.

Aside from the fact that they are experts, they always have an inside perspective. That is because most professional resume writers are often former recruiters and/or educated and certified to do so. So, not only have they studied the recruiting market, they probably had experience with it from within. So, the bottom line here is: they know exactly how the recruiting market works.

3. They Can Save You Time and Frustration

Attempting to write the perfect resume yourself can be overwhelming, not to mention it will take time if you try to check all of the boxes yourself. Besides, the chance of error is bigger, so there is a significant chance that it will cost you time and energy only to, in the end, probably not perform so well.

So it’s a good idea to hire a professional writing service from moment one to save you the time, the energy and some very possible frustration. If you can get it right the first time, why waste any time, right? Remember: you are investing in yourself, your career and your future.



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