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Is a Defence Possible Against Men Putting Women Down

Some men are determined to make their partners or ex-partners suffer. They can do this many ways because men run the world. They sit as the executives in banks, companies, and even the legal profession. Women are already on the back-foot when appealing for help from them and men have their ear no matter how bad they may be. This is the lot that many face in the real world of females versus the put down about them created by men.

Domestic violence has a large profile in Australia at this time, and possibly around the world. Women are killed at the rate of 2 per week in this country and their death is not always the result of a fight between partners. Many murders go unsolved and some men get away with it.

Recently two cases of women who supposedly fell over the balconies of apartments and crashed to their death several floor below highlighted potential crimes. While video evidence pointed to domestic violence and scratches on the railing in one of the cases showed how the woman possibly fought to save her life the men were both cleared.

In another case a woman was discovered dead at the foot of the Gap, a notorious suicide spot in Sydney. In this case her partner was arrested and convicted of throwing her off the cliff until the conviction was squashed when new evidence came to light some time later. Although the public are not convinced of his innocence he is now free.

While a woman’s build is generally smaller than a man and her strength cannot equal that of her partner the opportunity for unsolvable murders is obvious. Many women have ‘fallen; over cliffs in mysterious circumstances. One handicapped woman supposedly went over the edge while seeking a toilet spot and venturing around in the dark. As she was confined to a wheel chair it seems highly unlikely that she would have been so careless.

From childhood many males are prone to hearing that women are second-rate and men are the greatest. They grow up with this mind-set and killing an unwanted partner when things go wrong between them because of this training may be more common than is recognised.

Religions are also to blame for this as they discriminate against women and tend to put them down as being unfit in God’s eyes. While this form of discrimination is frowned on there is no way of stopping it. Governments have passed laws in Australia outlawing discrimination on racial and religious grounds but have stopped short on ruling on that exercised by men against women.

My reincarnation and link to the Spirit taught me how wrong religions are. They are based on ancient rituals and sun-worship. They have their origin in Babylon which was the original home of Islam. Both Christianity and the Muslim branches have followed the ancient practices. Women were considered inferior because men believe they can marry the Mother God, Mary.

Until this is properly addressed and religions are outlawed for their malpractice and lies men will continue to ridicule and put women down. There is no defence against it until and unless women bring about the change by stripping down the cause. That will take a lot of will-power and bravery on their part.


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