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iPhone Brightness Display Keeps Dimming – Latest Fix

How to Fix the Dimming of Your iPhone’s Screen

From few months, many iOS users were reporting that their iPhone Display Keeps Dimming automatically, but Auto-Brightness is usually enabled on your iPhone, which causes it to dim constantly. A new iPhone feature called Auto-Brightness allows you to have your iPhone screen automatically adjust its brightness based on the lighting conditions around you.

Auto-Brightness will adjust the brightness of your iPhone display to avoid blinding your eyes when it’s dark outside. It’s common for Auto-Brightness to adjust the brightness of your iPhone’s display when you’re on a sunny beach.

The only way to stop your iPhone from dimming is to disable Auto-Brightness. 

Take a look at the Accessibility -> Display and Text Size option in Settings. Then, turn off the Auto-Brightness switch next to it.

Apple warns that disabling Auto-Brightness may shorten the battery life of your iPhone. This means that, if you leave your iPhone on full brightness all day, the battery is going to run out much more quickly. More iPhone battery tips can be found in our other article, which will help you get the most out of your device.

Is the Night Shift activated in your workplace?

If your iPhone keeps dimming, it could be because Night Shift has been activated. The iPhone’s Night Shift feature raises the temperature of the iPhone’s display, making it easier to drift off to sleep at night after using the phone.

Tap Night Shift in the Display & Brightness section of Settings. If the switch next to Manually Enabled Until Tomorrow is turned on, Night Shift is activated. Turn off Night Shift by pressing the switch.




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