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Insurance self-service portals- Functionalities and Advantages

Modern consumers are less comfortable than the previous generation when it comes to making a phone call or visiting the company in person for customer service. Because they have grown up in the digital world where they can get anything and contact their favorite brands immediately whenever they want. This is where the insurance self-service portal helps insurers automate a variety of operations and customer support. This also simplifies the way people buy insurance services and get quick support whenever needed.

In this piece of writing, we will discuss the most important functionalities of insurance self-service portals and the advantages they offer.

Functionalities and Advantages of Insurance Self-service Portal

Providing access to self-service portals offer many benefits for both insurers and customers, some of which are given below.

Billing & Insurance Accounting

Effective management of insurance policies and premium payments is one of the key functionalities of an insurance self-service portal. This helps insurance customers properly manage their billing and accounting systems to make sure all the payments are made on time. Advanced portals come with several payment methods to help customers make premium payments online conveniently without visiting the office. Such portals also generate automatic reminders to help customers eliminate late payments. In this way, customers can better monitor their policy details and payments easily using their mobile devices or desktops.

Claims Management System

The claim management system is another important function of an insurance self-service dashboard. Whether it is a matter of filing a funeral insurance claim or getting accidental coverage, customers can easily file claims using these digitized claim management systems. This not only reduces processing time for customers but also helps insurers detect fraud. Self-service portals for insurance customers help them submit claims and assist them in each stage of claim processing. Digital claim processing helps insurers understand the pain points of customers and help them complete the process more effectively and efficiently than manual methods.

Not only this, customers can also track the claim process easily using self-service dashboards. They don’t need to make calls or send emails for checking the status. Instead, they can log into the dashboard and check the current status of a claim. This also makes the entire process transparent for customers to increase satisfaction.

Since insurance claim processes involve a huge amount of documents to be submitted, a self-service insurance portal makes the submission and organization of all documents easier and faster. Customers can upload documents using their smartphones or computers. Furthermore, customers can also access the documents in real-time for editing, thanks to the cloud-based document flow offered by digital portals.

Once all is done, customers can get notifications regarding the claim processing to stay updated with the status of a claim. Automated notifications also reduce the workload on the company side by eliminating the need of sending emails manually.

Clients Management System

Effective communication is important, not only to keep customers engaged with your business but to solve their queries as soon as possible. Insurance digital portals come with advanced client management system features to provide better support and experience to insurance customers.

Self-service insurance portals are designed with live chat support to maintain a better and more effective communication flow with insurance customers. These portals also allow customers to share their screens with support agents, send documents, and send voice and video messages for a better support experience.

AI-integrated chatbots on digital insurance portals can simulate human-like interactions. Thanks to technologies like machine learning and NLP (natural language processing), chatbots can put insurance customer services on autopilot to answer common questions and queries automatically. Online portals are also designed to provide personalized services and experiences based on individual insurance needs.


An advanced insurance self-service portal goes beyond simply enabling insurance customers to buy insurance online, pay premiums, and renew policies when needed. A full-feature digital insurance dashboard provide insurance providers features that understand customer needs to boost engagement and provide a highly personalized experience. On another hand, customers can have quick access to services and features they need to compare, buy, renew or claim their policies.

If you want to create a self-service insurance portal for your insurance agency, you must assess your business operations and customer needs. After that, find a reliable software development company to get your digital portal designed with all the functionalities you and your customers need.



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