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Important Tips How Can You Remove Bad Smells from Your Sofas

The dust, dirt, spilt food, pets, and humidity often create unpleasant smells in your sofas and upholstery. These foul smells not only can make your sitting uncomfortable but also can leave a negative impression on your friends and relatives.

You can end up embarrassing yourself in front of your friends and relatives because you may not find a skilled sofa cleaner in that short time when your friends are just going to arrive.

Therefore, you must know some practical ways to remove these foul smells from your sofas. Or you can let an expert do this job for you. You can book sofa cleaning services in Karachi for effective and efficient removal of bad smells.

Important Ways to Remove Bad Smells from Your Sofas

Your sofas are the places where you spend a lot of your at-home time. That is why you should keep them cleaned so that you can enjoy your sitting. How can you do this?

You can book professional sofa cleaners in town or do this on your own. If you want it to do yourself, this article is for you. Here, you will come to know some important ways to remove the foul smells from your sofas:

1. Vacuum Your Sofas

Remove all the cushions from your sofa and set them aside. Now, set an appropriate pressure on your vacuum machine and start vacuuming your sofas.

Vacuum all the gaps and corners of your sofas to remove all the loose dirt, furs, and other grit. Do not leave any spot on your sofas i.e. base, armrests, and headrests.

Vacuum all your cushions from both sides before putting them back. If the cushions are cleaned properly, then it is ok otherwise, you can vacuum them again.

If you do not know how to vacuum them properly, you can book a skilled sofa cleaner in Karachi. Expert personnel can not only clean your sofas properly but also can make them smell better.

2. Wash all the Cushions’ Covers

Sometimes, your baby urinates on your sofas due to which you can feel the urine smell when you sit on your sofas. It does not feel good and can make your sitting uncomfortable.

What you can do to remove the urine smell from your sofas is to wash the upholstery of your cushions. Remove the covers of your cushions and toss them into a washing machine.

Use a quality washing powder to remove all the smells from your cushion covers perfectly. Otherwise, your struggle can go in vain.

So, you should make sure you are using the right cleaning products when you are going to wash your cushions’ covers.

3. Use Baking Soda

When you are thinking of removing foul odours from your sofas, one of the most practical options is using baking soda. It is an excellent cleaning option when it comes to removing bad smells.

Remember! You need to use it in a proper proportion if you want desired results. For this purpose, you need to follow these simple steps.

Take a vacuum cleaner and a box of baking soda powder. First, vacuum both sides of your cushions, backing, seating, and all the gaps and corners effectively. Second, sprinkle the baking soda in a way that its thin layer covers the whole sofa.

Booking sofa wash services in Karachi is the best option to remove bad smells from your sofas professionally. Professional sofa washers know how to use baking soda in an appropriate proportion.

But if you want to clean your sofa on your own and go with the procedure, let us continue with the procedure. You should leave your sofas throughout the night and let the baking soda do its work.

Now, it is time to vacuum your sofa again to remove all the baking soda from them. Keep vacuuming your sofa seats until all the baking soda is cleaned.

4. Steam Clean Your Sofas

Steam cleaning is one of the best methods used to remove all the bad odours from your sofas. It not only can remove all the bad smells but also can kill all the microorganisms that can produce a foul smell.

Remember! This method not only can remove your sofas’ smells but also can damage your sofas’ fabric. Therefore, you need to take proper care while using the steam cleaning method.

You can book sofa cleaning services in Karachi for better cleaning of your sofas without damaging them. Professional sofa cleaners know how to use steam cleaner properly at a temperature that is suitable for your sofas.

Do not consider yourself a sofa clean expert as you can misuse the steam machine. And you might end up damaging your sofas’ fabric. So, it is wise not to go with steaming your sofas but consider letting an expert do this job for you.



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