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Ideas To Engage Church Audience For Long

Making people visit a church in itself is a tedious task these days. However, if you have achieved this, then Congratulations! The next step would be to make people’s trip to a church worthwhile so that this brilliant experience would make them regular visitors.

We realize it is easier said than done, but we have some brilliant engagement ideas for your church audience. So, without further ado, get on with them.

Ideas To Engage Church Audience

Run A Hashtag Campaign

A hashtag campaign is a brilliant tactic if you are looking to engage your church community through social media.

Social media is by far the most engaging tool in recent times, with platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook gathering people’s attention like nothing else. 

And it’s not only about social media; it’s the content that hooks people in the form of user-generated content.

User-generated content is content created by people only on social media platforms, and running a hashtag campaign on social media will boost UGC creation.

You should start with finalizing a hashtag for your campaign, a hashtag that would signify your church and its values.

After completing a hashtag, you should promote it rigorously on social media platforms through contests.

Post a successful hashtag promotion, and people will start using your hashtag in their social media posts, creating a lot of user-generated content.

Display A Social Wall

A social wall is the main center of attention in today’s events, serving several benefits. For example, a social, real-time display of user-generated content boosts audience engagement, enhances sales & revenue, showcases social proof, does word-of-mouth marketing, etc. 
A hashtag campaign and a social media wall run hand-in-hand simultaneously. The user-generated content accumulated through the hashtag campaign can be displayed on the social media wall in the church. The UGC will keep updating in real-time and hook the church members, thus boosting the people’s engagement at your church.

Make Newcomers Feel At Home

There are numerous explanations for why someone hasn’t attended church recently. They might not feel like it, or perhaps life got in the way. Whatever the cause, going back to church after a long absence can be scary.

Make every effort to make new visitors feel at ease. Recognize that they could want to reintroduce religion gradually. 

Kindly ask for their phone number and email address to provide them with resources and further information. To increase church attendance, it’s crucial to remember that member retention begins with the initial visit.

Reduce Sermon Time

12% of respondents claim that their lack of free time prevents them from attending church. And they most likely are correct. Consider whether you prefer to watch a sitcom or a movie when you have time to spare. Most likely, the latter. 

Make your sermons and services more frequent while also making them shorter. Each one should be focused on a single subject and last no longer than 30 to 45 minutes.

In this manner, attendees can cram in for a brief 30-minute talk. And they’ll definitely stick around for more, just like folks who start a show and binge the entire series.

Host “Friends” & “Family” Day

You have a unique chance on Friends and Family Day to introduce possible new members to your ministry. Create momentum for the day in the months before it.

Encourage the members of your community to contact people they know and give them flyers and invitation cards so they can hand them out to others. You might even create online content that users can spread across their networks.

Knowing that they are not the only unchurched people, there will be a lot of people who aren’t sure if joining a church is right for them will make them more at ease.

Encourage them to return the following week throughout the day. On that day, you can think about starting a sermon series so that people will know what to expect the next week.

Reach out to those that came in the days that follow Friends and Family Day to let them know that they are valued. Soon, they’ll realize how they can blend into your neighborhood.

Provide “Behind-the-scenes”

Most attendees view online information or live events. Still, they hardly ever glimpse what goes on behind the scenes throughout the week.

Instead, share a peek at what goes on behind the scenes on social media. Behind-the-scenes looks typically receive far more social media activity regardless of context.

Offer More Connection Points

Establish contact points with your community throughout the week to maximize church engagement. The good news is that your church is already a content creator because of all the live streams, sermons, and Bible studies you put out every week.

Therefore, you can immediately enhance your engagement to forge deeper connections by providing more content regularly, such as podcasts, devotional videos, and Bible reading programmes.

Wrapping Up

Engaging a church audience is a difficult task, without a doubt. However, some ideas would make this task easier for you. This blog contains several such ideas, and we are hopeful they would benefit you in your upcoming church events.


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