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How to use shelf dividers to organize your closet like a pro!

Shelf dividers, like the ones made by The Container Store, are one of the easiest ways to organize your closet and keep it looking neat. These simple, yet effective items help you to keep your clothing separated and organized so that you can find anything with ease. But don’t just take our word for it! Here are some great tips on how to use shelf dividers in your closet.

WHY you should use them

Everyone has at least one area of their home that’s overflowing with clothes and other items. We tend to fill any available space in our closets, cupboards, and cabinets with stuff we don’t even need, often losing track of what we have and slowing down our ability to quickly find what we want when we need it. When you create clear visual separations between areas of your wardrobe—or any part of your home—you can easily see what you have without having to dig through piles or make piles (ew!). When everything is laid out in an organized fashion, it makes sense and feels more spacious than if you didn’t have those divisions; using cabinet organizers gives you the same effect for all those small storage spaces where things get lost.

Selecting the right ones

The best place to get started is at an office or stationery store. When you’re there, ask for assistance from someone who works there. He or she will be able to point out different kinds of organizers based on where they are going and how much stuff you have in need of organizing.

Installing Them

The first step in organizing with these durable, long-lasting and crystal clear polymers is figuring out what you want to keep. Then take an inventory of how many pieces you have and how much space you need. Measure those dimensions and see if any existing shelves work with them (many shelves can be adjusted or replaced easily). Be sure to add about two inches of clearance on each side for easy sliding. If you don’t have shelves at all, then it’s time to start measuring!

What clothes should you put in them?

Dividers are useful for separating clothes based on function and style. For example, put all of your dresses into one compartment, followed by tops and bottoms, then jackets and accessories. Dividers also make it easy to separate similar items from different seasons (think boots from flats or sweaters). Put all of these like items together so you can quickly and easily see what you have available when getting dressed.

DIY Projects

There are lots of ways you can make or buy shelf dividers. But here are some easy DIY projects that take just minutes and a few supplies you can find at any hardware store: wooden dowels, non-woven polymer fabric, and epoxy coated steel wire hangers. It’s as simple as cutting a piece of wood in half (or even thirds) lengthwise, wrapping it with fabric, and then gluing it on to an existing hanger. You can also glue two pieces together for extra support if you have heavier items on your shelves. Another option is making dividers out of plastic tubing—the kind used for plumbing—which is light weight but sturdy enough for sweaters and other heavier items.



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