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How to Spread the Word About Your Halloween Bingo Event

Halloween is a great time to gather and play games with your friends, family members, and coworkers. What better way to enjoy each other’s company and make a bit of money for a charity drive or a big prize than a Halloween bingo event?

A Halloween bingo game could be tons of fun for everyone. But if you want to fill the bingo venue you choose with participants, you need to know how to spread the word about the upcoming event ASAP. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure everyone knows when your Halloween bingo event is around the corner.

Send Some Shouts on Social Media

Social media is a great tool for spreading the word about anything, so take advantage of it! Make a post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok depending on which platforms you’re a part of.

Even better, make countdown posts on the week leading up to your bingo game so potential attendees always know how much time they have remaining to RSVP or buy tickets to the event. 

On Facebook, create an event page so people can RSVP online and so you know how many people will attend your Halloween bingo event. As the guest list starts climbing, you can get chairs, tables, and bingo supplies, so no one is turned away when the game finally starts.

Try Digital (and In-Person) Posters

Another great way to spread the word about an upcoming Halloween bingo party is to make some great-looking Halloween bingo posters. The right posters can be used for both digital announcements, like on your social media pages, and for in-person posting around town.

Imagine announcing an upcoming Halloween bingo game on social media, then putting up the same poster at a local coffee shop or around your workplace if you want your coworkers to attend. That’s more than possible with the right tools, like PosterMyWall.

PosterMyWall is perfect if you want to customize different Halloween bingo posters without having to get tons of experience in graphic design. Plus, you can make many different Halloween bingo posters for different platforms – for example, you can have one poster design for in-person posters and make another modern Instagram post template for your social media posting. The sky’s the limit! 

Where to Put In-Person Posters?

If you do decide to make and print out a bunch of in-person posters, you’ll need to put them in the right places to maximize their effect. Some great spots to put element bingo posters include:

  • A local coffee shop or other community centers, such as your town hall
  • Local colleges or other schools, depending on who you want to attend
  • Around the workplace if you want your coworkers to know about the bingo game coming up
  • Around your neighborhood if you want to invite your neighbors or remind them when the date draws near

Advertise the Event Alongside Parties/Halloween Bashes

Odds are plenty of other Halloween parties and bashes will run on the same day or around your Halloween bingo game’s date. If you attend any of these events, don’t hesitate to talk to attendees about your upcoming bingo bash, too.

After all, the people who attend Halloween parties are already outgoing or social. They’re just the kind of people you want to bring to your Halloween bingo game! If you know the host of a Halloween party, ask if you can put up some of your carefully made posters for even more outreach. 

Make a Workplace Announcement

Should you want to bring your coworkers to the Halloween bingo game, you should make a workplace announcement. Speak to the receptionist or your boss, depending on who handles the announcements every day, and get them to insert a plug for your Halloween event. Most will be amenable to this request, especially if you invite them to the event, too!

Reminder Emails

On the days leading up to your Halloween bingo event, be sure to send reminder emails to people on your friends list or on your work email list. These reminder emails don’t have to be anything fancy; in some cases, just a sentence or two detailing the nature of the event and when it’s occurring is enough.

Still, this is a good tip to get people to come to your Halloween bingo game. People have a lot on their plates around this time of year, and it’s easy to let some things slip.

Wrap Up

As you can see, you can spread the word about your Halloween bingo event in a number of ways. If you want as many people as possible to attend, consider combining these methods to reach tons of attendees. That way, your Halloween bingo game will be successful socially and financially!



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