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How To Sound Interesting At Family Gatherings – Be Social

If there is an upcoming family event that you don’t want to go to because you have nothing to talk about, you are in the right place.  

Family gatherings can often get awkward, especially if you don’t hang out with your family members frequently. You might not have seen your grandmother in months, or you don’t have anything in common with your aunt or cousins.  

Although these situations are not rare, you can still feel left out while everyone else is gossiping and talking. If you think that your upcoming family gathering will be too awkward for you to bear, you should read the tips we have prepared for you. Here are some of the ways you can sound interesting at family gatherings. 

Find some common ground.  

If you experience that awkward silence while sitting next to your family members, you can start the conversation by asking them what they do in their free time. This way, you will surely be able to find something you have in common. Maybe you are both following current events, or both like to read or watch movies. You can even start more severe topics this way, and you will lose track of time.  

You can also sound more excited and more intelligent if you know the differences between things. For example, you can talk to your cousin about the differences between certain types of movies, music genres, etc. Try not to drink or do drugs before the family gathering because it might lead you to do something embarrassing in front of your family that you might regret. If you want to get drug tested, you can find it here dna testing houston tx

Ask a bunch of questions!   

If you feel excluded from a particular conversation, you should start asking questions about the topic. People like to show off what they know.  

There may be situations where you overhear conversations about someone you don’t know, and the best way to become engaged in the conversation is to start asking about the person in question. Your family members might be glad to tell you all about them.  

On the other hand, if your family members talk about something else, such as social problems you don’t know about, you should also ask questions. This way, you will be able to continue talking about that specific subject.  

Moreover, you can ask people to talk about themselves. By asking questions about their lives, they will feel closer to you, and the conversation will continue. People will often be open to talking about themselves and their life experiences, and you might be interested to hear some of them, too.  


Games will always be the best way to bring people closer together. This is why games are great for awkward family gatherings. If you want to sound attractive to your family members, you should suggest playing a simple game. Choose a game that is not too complicated to play, but make sure that it will be fun.  

You can play board games that everyone knows, card games, or even have a dance-off. This small act can change the atmosphere of the gathering. You can never go wrong with games; no matter the ages of your family members, they will all enjoy some fun time.  

Your family members will thank you for making the gathering more entertaining than usual. Everybody wants to have a good time and forget about their worries. So why wouldn’t you make that wish come true? 
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Talk about the past!  

Families are usually close and have a history together. Especially people of approximately the same age (going out, having fun, etc.). 

To make the night more interesting, you should ask your family members to tell their favorite story about someone in the room. This way, you will create a thread of stories where you will find out something new about each of them.  

People will have a good laugh when they remember all the good times. They will also reminisce many stories about one another, and you will turn the situation from awkward to extraordinary.  


Sometimes, family gatherings can be too boring if they don’t have the right dynamic. But, if you want to appear interesting to your family members and create an exciting atmosphere, you should try some of the tips above. You can do many things to make the gathering more fun, so you should feel free to try any of them. People will undoubtedly like something that you have to offer.  

You can also use all of the tips we gave you in one night, but we warn you that the gathering might turn out amazing and set high expectations for the next one. Plus, if you use any of these tips for your next family gathering, you will have a conversation starter for the next one, which is a win-win situation. Remember, everyone wants to have fun, so be the one who will make the gathering enjoyable.  



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