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How to plan a sporting event

No matter the size of the sports entity or club, a sporting event will always require planning, management and organization. Today it is not easy, because if it is already complex in itself, now we must add the latest security and distancing measures marked by Covid-19. Here we collect the steps you have to follow.

Steps to carry out a sporting event


Write down all the details of the event. What is it for, what are you going to need, what is your budget, what space are you going to need, what distancing measures must be taken into account.

Select the date. It is important to choose the most suitable date. Make sure that there are no other local events in your area, as well as that you have enough time for your event to be success.  It must have the capacity according to the needs of the event, it must be safe and convenient so that the attendees feel comfortable.

Event style

 It is necessary to define the event to be organized. If it is a match, a tournament, league, participating teams, format, etc.

 It is advisable to make a list with all the supplies for the event: certificates, papers, trophies, awards, masks, cleaning products, etc.

Sure. It is advisable to have civil liability insurance for the event. This will serve to cover the organizers and help you pay for damages, claimant costs and expenses that may arise as a result of accidental injury to any person or damage to the event venue.

Health and security

  Make sure the required health and safety measures are followed to protect attendees.

Volunteers Gather your staff and volunteers who want to participate. The number will depend on the size of the event. These will have to be given the precise instructions for the event to run smoothly.

Ticket Sales Establish if there will be advance ticket sales, if they can be purchased the same day at the box office, etc.

Promotion of the event. You can use the website of the 해외축구중계 entity and/or its social networks and emails. Likewise, you can choose to make an announcement in local newspapers, make posters and put them in some establishments, etc.

Referee reserve. Remember to reserve the referees and the necessary personnel to evaluate the competition.

Communication with the participants

 It will be necessary to determine which will be the participating teams.

Plan review. It is good to assign the tasks in advance, but it is worth checking that all the scheduled dates are being met to arrive at the event with the homework done.

Invite the local media . Do not forget to invite the local press to echo your event and thus achieve an impact in your area.



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