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How to pick the right coffee table?

A coffee table is a piece of furniture that is used as a stand for magazines, books, vases of flowers, an ashtray, souvenirs, or a laptop. This table brings new accents to the interior of the room and gives it a finished look. Finally, at the coffee table, you can chat with guests, treating them to tea, coffee, and sweets.

The coffee table is usually located in the very center of the room, and it is impossible not to notice it. Today we will tell you how to choose this piece of furniture so that it will give you pleasure to use!

There are several important points to consider when choosing a coffee table. First of all, think about what function it will perform in the interior, and then choose the right model. And do not forget that not only the appearance of the table plays an important role, but also its size.

  • The coffee table should be the same height as the surrounding seating, usually 45-50 cm.
  • It is also important that there is at least 45 centimeters of free space between the sofa and the table so that you can sit comfortably.
  • The recommended distance from the coffee table to the TV should be at least 80 cm.
  • Tables that are half to two-thirds the length of the sofa looks best.
  • Before purchasing a table, mark its future location on the floor to represent the scale and relationship with the rest of the furniture.

In furniture stores, there are so many choices of coffee tables in every style you need. One of the most popular coffee tables are small coffee tables. They are so comfortable for use. We will talk about some types of coffee tables, and we hope you will find a unique coffee table.

Twin tables. For a large living area that has two sofas or a sofa and a few armchairs, a large coffee table is a must. Another option is to purchase two complementary tables that can be combined if a large surface is required, or folded so that they do not take up much space.

Glass tables. If you do not want the coffee table to grab attention, choose the most neutral option – with a transparent tabletop and finishes that match the rest of the living room furniture. Glass countertops are also a great solution if there is a rug under the table that you don’t want to hide. Remember that most glass tables have a greenish tint on the sides. If you want a completely transparent table, this model will cost more.

Different shapes. Rounded coffee tables look good in interiors with different styles of furniture and seating. If the table cannot be reached from the sofa or armchair, give preference to modular models, in which small tables are removed under larger ones. It will also be a great solution if you are hosting guests – a few small round coffee tables will help arrange everything you need.

Industrial style coffee table. The use of an industrial facility as a coffee table gives the interior a special character. You can choose a table made of wooden pallets on iron wheels, but make sure it sits firmly and stably on the floor. Also, what kind of object can scratch the floor and furniture or leave a stain on the carpet, so take care of your safety by attaching felt pads on the legs and sharp metal parts.

Country. The ethnic-style coffee table stands out for its original carved decoration, mosaics, ornaments, roughness, and decorative elements in national themes. Country tables are made of the most common materials – logs of wood, bamboo, stone, rattan, leather.

Loft. “Street” style, combining rudeness and brutality, due to which originality is born. Roughly crafted wood, evocative metal fittings, clumsy – it’s all loft style.

But you just have to know that there is no universal formula for the perfect coffee table. We have provided just a few recommendations so that you find exactly the one you need.



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