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How To Pack Travel Luggage In Your Car 

Finally, that trip is due. You have been waiting and preparing for the road trip adventure. It could even be a straight drive home from the city in a few hours. But, as you stare at your luggage, it seems like everything might not fit in the car. What are you going to do? How much can your vehicle contain? What if your family fills the cabin and you have no space for some items? 


These questions can overwhelm you. Planning how to travel with your luggage is essential to make your trip feasible. Well-packed luggage makes the drive more comfortable and can save you time and energy. It will also improve safety on the road and secure your belongings. 

Here are some luggage management tips to make your journey safer and more convenient. 

1. Install a Car Roof Rack 

Transporting your luggage requires sufficient space to hold it. The car trunk can carry your suitcase, some spares, and maybe a little shopping on the way. However, it might not be sufficient when on the road with your family or friends. The reason is that as people occupy the seats, their luggage goes into the trunk. You cannot carry so many travel bags and have enough space for other items. 

Extended storage will save your day by giving your vehicle more storage and better management options to carry more weight and improve your car’s efficiency. You can achieve all these with the land rover discovery roof rack. It will suffice for transporting various goods. Also, roof racks will help you carry sports and recreational items like kayaks, bicycles, and canoes. 

A road trip can be long and tiring. You will need a place to sleep, and spending a night in a hotel may not match your taste. You can use a rooftop tent to sleep. The car rack will make it possible, and you will have a safe sleeping space, away from crawling insects and bad weather. 

2. Invest in Vacuum Packing Bags 

Your luggage can be bulky when not well packed. Clothes will occupy more space and make it hard to fit in your constricted bags. A vacuum pack will eliminate this problem by allowing you to pack more in your limited space. They draw the air out and ensure the clothes use little space, leaving more storage for you to carry more items. 

You will need a few such packs to make your trip smooth. Use them to pack clothes and other items separately to access them as required. Doing this will overcome the inconvenience of unpacking your luggage when taking something out. 

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3. Adopt Rolling Instead of Folding 

Carrying clothes can be challenging, especially when you have lots of them. Fitting them in your travel bag will require you to adopt better weight management ideas outside the ordinary. People are often used to folding fabrics. But this method uses up too much space to carry a few items. 

The rolling method is more convenient. For instance, if you want to carry your curtains, denim jeans, or jackets, you can try rolling them. Rolling ensures you have little space between layers. It is almost as convenient as using a vacuum to draw out air. Rolling also means that you will pack your items in cylindrical shapes. This method will fit more in limited storage spaces, ensuring you can carry more. Another advantage is that taking out a rolled jacket is faster and causes no disturbance to other clothes than when folded, where you have to lift some and get them disorganized. 

4. Keep the Essentials Near You 

Not everything you carry will go into the trunk or the roof rack. Have some of your items close by for easy access. For instance, your emergency kit, medicine, and snacks must stay close to you. When traveling alone, you can place these items on the passenger seat or in the drawers on your dashboard. You can find suitable spaces like seat pockets to carry extra stuff, even when you have passengers. 

Avoid keeping food in the trunk, as this will ferment it faster due to heat. Also, it will be inconvenient when you want to have a bite and have to stop the car and open the trunk to look for your food container. Also, have your drinking water close by, preferably in bottles. 

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5. Never Keep Valuables Near the Windows 

Even in the safest cities, you can get your valuables stolen when not careful. If you carry your laptop, cameras, and other valuables, have them close to you as much as possible but away from open windows. When making stops, ensure you lock your windows to keep your belongings safe. 

Better still, never carry items you will not need on your trip. For instance, you would not need your jewelry unless you have an occasion or intend to deliver or sell them. Draw your trip plan, the objectives, and what you will do. It will help you decide what to pack and what to leave behind. 


Traveling by car is convenient to visit other cities and the countryside without spending too much. It also makes it easy to make as many stops as you want to enjoy the trip. Carrying your luggage can be challenging, depending on how you intend to travel, the activities you will engage in, and the objectives. Embrace these luggage packing tips to make your journey safer and more convenient. 



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