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How To Move On After A Toxic Relationship And Enjoy

Many factors discourage singles from entering into a relationship, including the fear of entering into a toxic relationship. When two people decide to be together, they aim to have a happy future. However, it sometimes doesn’t work out that way; some eventually become toxic. 

Research shows over 70% of teens are in toxic or unhealthy relationships. A major reason people get stuck in one is the lack of knowledge on what an ideal relationship should look like. Signs of a toxic relationship include not getting support from your partner or when your other half undermines you.  

Moving on might seem quite hard, but it is necessary. This article explores how you can move on after a toxic relationship.  

Embrace the No Contact Rule 

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It might be challenging to move on after a toxic relationship might be challenging if you’re still in contact with your partner. One of the best ways of moving on after a toxic relationship is the ‘no contact rule. You must restrict your ex from calling or texting you and have no interaction on social media platforms. The no contact rule is an effective way to heal fast and start afresh.  

Some of the things you need to know about this rule are listed below: 

The no-contact rule will not help you get your ex back 

The no contact rule doesn’t help you get your ex back. It is not a way of manipulating or making the other party miss you or want you back. Moving on starts the moment you decide to engage the no contact rule; it is about you helping yourself move on from your ex. It is a significant tool for self-empowerment and stability. 

It will suck 

Embracing the no-contact rule might be pretty tricky for you at first. You have been used to your partner and their presence. It will require doggedness to stick to the no-contact rule. You will definitely feel sad, be grieved, and unhappy, but it is undoubtedly to your best advantage. 

You will develop essential emotional skills. 

Moving on after a toxic relationship and engaging in the no contact rule provides you free time. You can use this time to develop emotional and intellectual skills to help you have a better and smoother relationship next time. The no contact rule is good for developing better boundaries, self-esteem, and personal skills. 

You will rediscover things you have neglected.  

The time the no contact rule gives you allows you to reinvigorate your forgotten source of happiness. There are some habits you would have neglected when you entered a relationship. No contact gives you the time to pursue that source of contentment and walk toward your goals. 

Try Dating Again 

Another way of getting over a toxic relationship is to move into a better one. While you shouldn’t jump into a new relationship when you’re still hurting, it’s not a bad idea once your broken heart is healed.  Over 50% of singles get into healthy relationships through matchmaking. There are many matchmaking sites with thousands of singles looking for a relationship; you can sign up on one of these sites and get paired with someone you like. This will help you get over your former relationship quickly. 

Get Rid of Reminders 

Apart from using the no contact rule, it’s advisable to eliminate everything that could remind you of your ex.  

Below are some of the ways that you can quickly get rid of those reminders: 

Distract yourself, so you’re too busy to even think about them. 

If you want to move on after a toxic relationship quickly, you must stop thinking about them by channeling your energy into something new. This will help you redirect your focus, make you busy and forget. 

Give yourself time to feel sad, mad, angry, or whatever. 

After a toxic relationship break-up, don’t get too hard on yourself; feel free to cry and get sad as long as you want. This will help you forget your partner in no time. You need to acknowledge the feelings attached to breaking up or a disconnect from your partner. In sum, you will feel all the emotional breakdowns until there is nothing else to feel–and you are fully ready to bounce back. 

Understand that you may still have lingering feelings for this person– and that’s okay. 

To effectively get over relationship reminders, you must acknowledge that you still have feelings for your ex. This will help you come over the emotional trauma quickly. Sometimes to truly get rid of reminders and let go, you will need to love enough to want the best for them, irrespective of the fact that you aren’t together. 

Indulge in all the self-care. 

Another way to get rid of reminders is to indulge yourself in self-care. This helps in healing a broken mind. Satisfy your food cravings, attend that birthday party, hang out with your friends, go to cinemas and watch your desired movie; these things help clear unwanted thoughts and feelings. You will realize how light and happy you will feel after engaging yourself in self-care  

Write it all out 

It’s incredible how writing all your feelings locked up in your head helps get over reminders. You can empty those reminders and thoughts and pour them out on paper. The moment you allow yourself to admit the presence of those reminders and thoughts and write them down, you tend to forget them as time passes. 


Moving on from a toxic relationship has proven quite difficult for people. They find it difficult to get over the emotional traumas and reminders of the former relationship. This article has carefully dissected how you can move on from a toxic relationship. All you need to do is to read through and implement it carefully. 



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