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How To Manage Poor Appetite in 2022 -different ways?

Poor appetite is characterized by a decreased desire to eat. It is medically referred to as anorexia but can also be known as losing appetite. 

Poor appetite sometimes may have related symptoms like weight loss. If left untreated, poor appetite can result in health complications. Several factors are responsible for this condition. It ranges from physical and psychological illnesses.  

The brain and gut work hand in hand to determine when you should eat and when you should not. The food you consume gives your body the required energy to be healthy. When you have a poor appetite, it could signify that something is wrong. Being aware of why you have no appetite is necessary for proper treatment of the condition. 

Poor appetite can result in malnutrition or weight loss if it lasts for days. Your body cannot absorb enough calories needed for healthy body function at this stage. If you find yourself in this position, you should see a way of stimulating your desire to eat and optimize nutrition. 

How To Manage Poor Appetite 

Treatment options for poor appetite depend on the diagnosis. Some people adopt lifestyle changes while others use medications. Irrespective of the method you use, the bottom line is to increase your appetite. An alternative way of managing poor appetite is by using THC.   

THC offers benefits that go beyond getting you high. It induces a boosted and raging appetite. Therefore, it can have a positive effect on poor appetite. The condition of raging appetite after taking THC is called ‘’the munchies’’. The tastier way to consume THC is by taking thcp products.   

Do Not Skip Breakfast 

Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day. It helps in breaking your overnight fast. Skipping breakfast impacts your body’s metabolism and makes you consume more food. Numerous studies have revealed the importance of eating breakfast. 

If you want to increase your appetite and weight, do not skip your breakfast. Breakfast boosts your body’s thermogenesis effect and appetite, which you want. If you are trying to improve your appetite, eat your breakfast regularly. 

Eat Smaller, Frequent Meals 

Ideally, consuming smaller meals every five to six hours is an easy and effective way of increasing your calorie intake. People struggling with a poor appetite will avoid sitting down with big or three full meals. To take off the pressure, divide their three main meals into six or seven smaller meals. You can start increasing the portions as their appetite increases. 

Consume More of Your Favorite Meals 

You will likely eat more when you consume the foods you like. People are more inclined to eat when provided with the meals they love than the unappealing ones. To ensure you take more food, always have your food available by planning and preparing ahead. 

In cases where your loss of appetite is severe, focus on foods that whet the appetite. You can also make colorful foods to make them more tempting. However, you can include healthy ingredients if your favorite food is not healthy. 

Eat Nutritious Foods 

Foods like chips, pastries, candy, and ice cream might be more appealing if you don’t have an appetite. But the truth is, they are a bad idea because they provide few nutrients. Concentrate on foods that provide more nutrients and calories. 

You can make healthy choices by switching ice-cream for greek yogurt. Similarly, you can also include extra veggies or healthy ingredients. 

Make Mealtime Enjoyable 

This strategy may help to stimulate your appetite rather than eating alone. You can invite your family and friends over for meals to keep you company and eat. A study showed that eating with family and friends increases your food intake. 

Make your mealtime an avenue for entertainment and socialization. 

Use Different Plate Sizes 

Trick your brain with different plate sizes if you have a poor appetite. Using big-sized plates will increase your portion size. This is true even if you don’t like the food. A way to increase your food intake is by serving larger dishes. 

Some studies have revealed that an increase in plate sizes equally leads to increased food portions.    

Keep a Food Diary 

Food diaries can be a valuable tool for increasing your appetite. It can help you track your meals and understand your eating habits and patterns. Recording your food intake will help you track how your appetite is progressing. It is a great place to start your journey to increasing your food intake. 

Every calorie counts as far as poor appetite is concerned. 


Small lifestyle and dietary changes can make a big difference when you have a hard time eating. However, it is good to check with your doctor because the treatment depends heavily on the cause. It is a mild issue for some, and for others, it is life-threatening and can require immediate medical intervention. Loss of appetite can be scary and should not be ignored if it lasts for days. You can implement some tricks like inviting friends over for meals, taking smaller meals frequently, and keeping a food diary. 



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