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How to Make THC-Rich Gummies for Distilled Water or Cannabutter

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical found in the cannabis plant. It is the less psychoactive substance of the cannabis plant, unlike THC. Even though CBD is located in the cannabis plant by itself, it doesn’t cause any form of high. CBD has numerous benefits, such as relieving chronic pain, helping with insomnia, and reducing anxiety. THC is another component of the cannabis plant that shares some similarities with CBD. However, unlike CBD, THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis that produces a “high.”

CBD and THC are the two main cannabinoids used to make gummies. However, the following part looks into the process of making THC-rich gummies.


To make delicious THC gummies, you will use two sets of ingredients. You will use the first set to make cannabutter and the second set to make the gummies.

You will only need the cannabis flower and half a cup of your favorite oil or butter. Besides, get a box of Jell-o (any flavor will work), a few tablespoons of gelatin, and some water for the gummies.

In addition to the ingredients, you will also need the following utensils

  • Spice grinder
  • Mason jar
  • Trivet
  • Cheesecloth
  • Molds and droppers
  • Saucepan
  • Whisk
  • Instant pot

Step 1

In this step, you will need a quarter ounce of the flower and half a cup of oil. This step is further broken into two small tasks essential to making high-quality gummies.

·         Task One: Decarboxylation

The first task is decarboxylation, which means making the cannabis bioavailable. In this step, take the flower and grind it in the spice grinder. However, don’t grind it too much so that it becomes powdery.

After grinding, pour the grinds into the mason jar and cover it tightly, then insert a trivet in the bottom of the instant pot and place the mason jar with the flower grindings on top. Pour in enough water to cover almost half the jar. Next, secure the lid and set the instant pot to high-pressure cook for about 40-45 minutes.

·         Task Two: Oil Infusion

The second task is infusing the decarboxylated flower with oil. In this process, you can use either oil or butter. Begin by measuring out the oil or butter into a mason jar and removing the jar used to decarboxylate the flower from the instant pot.

Now, pour out the flower, which will appear to be a shade darker than before decarboxylation, and secure the flower using the cheesecloth. Ensure you pour the flower into the jar containing the oil or butter.

Cover the jar containing this mixture firmly, place it back into the instant pot, and pour water to cover half the jar. Secure the instant pot lid and set it to a high-pressure cooker with the timer set to twenty minutes. After twenty minutes, allow it to release the pressure naturally for another twenty minutes, then quickly release any remaining pressure.

Carefully remove the jar from the instant pot and allow it to cool for a while until it is cool enough to handle. Now open the jar, then remove and discard the flower. You can add more butter to the jar depending on how many gummies you need.

Step 2

The second step is turning the CBD oil or cannabutter into gummies. You’ll have to place your molds and droppers next to your stove. This is important since the mix will need to be heated while you fill the molds. Mix your CBD oil, water, Jell-o, and gelatin in a saucepan and whisk the mixture thoroughly. Set the stove to low/medium heat, and place the saucepan on the stove. Remember to continue whisking until everything in the pan dissolves. Then you can adjust the heat level on the stove to low.

Now use the baster to fill the molds. It is essential to keep stirring the mixture frequently to prevent it from splitting. At this point, you may notice pent-up air bubbles in some parts of the mold. To fix this, tap the mold on the counter until the bubbles disappear. Leave the gummies to settle for about two hours until they set and become solid.

You can now extract the gummies from the mold by flipping them over and pressing the spaces until each gummy is obtained.


The potency level of each batch of THC gummies depends not only on the size of the flower used in making it but also on the flower strain used, as different strains have different potency levels. Now, the number of gummies one should eat depends entirely on your preference, tolerance, and the desired effect of your use. The best option, especially homemade gummies, would be to try low amounts to see their effect, then add or reduce the consumption accordingly. While the positive impact of consuming THC-rich gummies are numerous, it is also essential to look at its adverse effects. Hence, always consult your health expert before consuming these delicious yet potent gummies.



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