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An electric machine that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy is called an electric motor. Most electric motors produce force through torque supplied on the motor shaft by interacting the motor magnetic field with electrical current in a wound wire. The difference between an electrical generator and an electric motor is that an electrical generator uses a reversed energy flow to produce electricity. Each device can function best and most effectively when powered by an electric motor. An electric motor is the only thing that makes it possible to power gadgets. Every aspect of life requires the use of electric motors. Our homes and every industrial facility employ these electric motors. Each factory or industrial facility will contain several electric motors. Since electric motors are used in all applications, they are in charge of performing a variety of tasks in industrial settings.

When we examine the electric motor, we see that it is more than just an electric part and significantly affects the system’s productivity and overall performance. 

Ignoring the electric motor’s maintenance could result in immediate costs for the firm and impact how it operates now. Electric motor maintenance is necessary to maintain the workplace’s productivity. Our responsibility is to ensure that all machinery operates at peak efficiency. The electric motor needs to be adequately lubricated, and if serious problems occur, we must not hesitate to contact electric motor repair services. You can extend the engine’s lifespan by using the appropriate safety measures to protect against harm. You may save money and guarantee that your electric motor lasts a long time by following these easy maintenance tips:


It will result in the bearings wearing out earlier than they should if they are not adequately lubricated. Don’t lube your bearings excessively. Grease or oil that has been over-lubricated may end up in the windings. As a result, the insulation around the winding will deteriorate, leading to arcing and shorts between the motor’s case and its internal components. As a result, the rotor and stator will experience excessive heat and wear. Use only the lubrication the manufacturer suggests. Using different oils could harm the bearings, resulting in faster or uneven wear. To find out the recommended lubrication interval, consult your manufacturer’s website.

Maintain Records

Maintaining records for your machines is essential. It reduces downtime and makes machine maintenance simpler. Make sure you record everything! In this manner, you are fully informed of the condition of your motors. It will be simpler to fix the issue the following time it arises if any symptoms recur. Keeping track of things will enable you to identify common problems and prepare replacement parts as necessary.

Checking Brush 

You must take some actions to prolong your electric motor if you don’t want it to quit working right away. The electric motor could have several irregularities because it operates in a demanding environment. Even worse, it could end suddenly, forcing you to halt your operations for some time entirely. Therefore, continually inspect the motor’s brush to see whether it needs to be replaced. Without giving it another thought, you should change the brush if it is sufficiently squeezed and dirty. Additionally, go to the commutator to see if it has any scratches or dents.

Rotor and Stator

The rotor and stator are the electrical motor’s core components. Your motor won’t perform extremely poorly if these parts aren’t functioning correctly. Check for equal clearance all the way around by using a feeler gauge to measure the space between the stator and rotor. Note the dimensions of each end’s top, bottom, and side gaps. Compare your current reading to any prior ones you may have taken or the manufacturer’s recommended interval. Any variations should be taken as a sign that your bearings are wearing out excessively and that it may be time to replace them.

Don’t Ignore the Required Repair After choosing all preventative measures and checking the electric motor, don’t overlook the requirement for repairs if they are required. It is impossible to be so cautious. Do not continue using an electric motor if it is not operating correctly. To ensure that the operation of your business is unaffected, locate a reputable repair shop that can assist with the repair or permanent replacement of the electric motor. More harm will result if the replacement or repair process is postponed.



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