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How to Learn Chinese Fast: A Guide For Beginners

Do you want to learn Chinese fast? Well, with the growing importance of China in the world economy and the increasing number of people from other countries studying Mandarin as a second language, now is the perfect time to get started. Learning any new language can be challenging at first, but it gets much easier once you get past that initial learning curve. In this article, we’ll take a look at some useful strategies for learning Chinese more quickly and easily.

We all have different learning styles and abilities when it comes to learning new things. Some people can pick up on languages faster than others, while some may need additional practice and guidance before they start speaking like a native speaker. Regardless of your current knowledge of Chinese or any other foreign language, there are ways you can accelerate your learning process and become fluent sooner.

Enroll in a Language Institute

There is a lot of enthusiasm for studying Chinese, but it takes a long time to become fluent, and many people give up along the way. Because of this, the most important thing is to study in an effective manner while also maintaining your motivation. Many individuals make an effort to educate themselves in Chinese language and culture independently. While it might work occasionally, it’s not a sustainable strategy due to its inefficiency. If you are interested in how to learn chinese fast, you should enroll in a language institute. Enrolling in a language school that caters to students who do not come from a Chinese-speaking background is one option on how to learn chinese fast. Language schools like the Taipei Language Institute are one example (TLI). If you want to study Chinese the right way, you can now go to Taipei Language Intitute’s website and find out about their private tutoring services.

Review basic vocabulary and pronunciation

Learning how to speak and pronounce Chinese is important. Of course, you can put off learning grammar until later if you want to talk quickly, but you will pick it up gradually through conversations. Proper pronunciation is of the utmost concern. It’s hard to read Chinese correctly, and you can’t retain words unless you understand the pronunciation. As the most important aspect of the Chinese language, pronunciation (reading characters) must be studied before anything else. When words are intonated (spoken) in a different manner, even characters with the same character reading (pinyin) may have completely different meanings. Pronunciation study is challenging, so to maximize your learning potential, you should enroll in a Chinese language institute to get your pronunciation intensively corrected. When it comes to your day-to-day studies, make vocabulary learning your primary focus because that’s how to learn chinese fast. You can’t follow the conversation at all if you don’t know the vocabulary. Focus on expanding your vocabulary instead of memorizing the grammar so you can follow conversations. 

Start with the most common words and phrases

Because of the global influence of Chinese culture, we may know Chinese words and phrases before studying Chinese. However, there are more common words that you will encounter as you study Chinese. These are the words used in everyday conversations. The key to how to learn chinese fast is to start with common words and phrases and use them in your daily conversations. The best way to study words is to make word cards. When you use those common words in your daily conversation with a Chinese friend, you will quickly become accustomed to them and will not forget them. Word cards are also useful for memorizing vocabulary because you can take them anywhere and study whenever you want. Word cards can be made to be small enough to fit in a bag or pocket while still being readable. 

Watch Chinese language videos

Chinese dramas and films are becoming increasingly popular. Even those who have no intention of studying Chinese but enjoy watching dramas and movies learn some Chinese words and phrases. This is one method of how to learn chinese fast because when you watch videos, there are subtitles available in English or your native tongue. You can pick up common phrases that are employed in everyday life by watching dramas about school or life. You will learn, for instance, the vocabulary of the school-related items and the words used in the classroom during portrayals of a school setting. It is simple to learn when you know what words to use in different situations and how to respond to conversations.

Check out Chinese language blogs and podcasts

Video blogs and podcasts are popular these days because they are free and convenient to fit into your busy schedule. You can watch and listen to it whenever and wherever you want. In today’s world, there are numerous platforms for learning something new, and how to learn chinese fast is no exception. On the internet, you can find Chinese video vlogs and podcasts. You can download apps that provide podcasts and subscribe to them, and then listen to and watch them while driving to work or running errands. Through blogs and podcasts, you can listen to and read simple conversations and sentences once you’ve mastered the pronunciation and some simplified Chinese characters. Grammar items should not be studied alone at the start of the course, but should be absorbed naturally through reading and listening to short sentences and conversations. In other words, listen while studying simple grammar items.

Find native speakers to help you learn more quickly

Making friends with people of a different nationality is simple thanks to the global connectivity of today’s social networks. Despite the physical distance, communication with them is much easier. You can make friends or relationships with native Chinese speakers through social media or even dating apps. It is very beneficial to study with a native Chinese speaker when you are considering how to learn chinese fast , because they will both listen to your conversation and correct your vocabulary and pronunciation.

Bonus Tip

In a language, there are four skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. In Chinese, it is recommended to study “listening, speaking, and reading” together before studying “writing”. How to learn chinese fast should begin with pronunciation, then characters and grammar. 



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