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How To Install Artificial Grass Carpet?

Installation of artificial grass carpet is not a child’s play but a herculean task. That’s why there is a dire need for an expert for its installation in order to get effective outcomes. Although it cannot be done without the help of a professional, you must have installation knowledge about it to achieve the quality of work from that professional.

For this process, some tools are required, for example, a Stanley knife with additional snap-off blades, a tape for the measurement of the area, adjoining tape, hand gloves, turf joiners, and many others. However, individuals are stuck in the installation of artificial grass carpets but don’t worry, this article is going to provide you with a step-by-step guide.

Procedure to Install Artificial Grass Carpet

For the benefit of the readers, a list of some of the steps involved in the installation of artificial grass carpets is discussed below. The reason behind the complete explanation of every aspect is to give you complete awareness of this phenomenon. Let us talk about the installation steps of artificial grass carpet Dubai.

Analyze the Area of your Installation Place 

The first step in the installation of an artificial grass carpet is the analysis of the place where you are going to install it. This step will decide whether this place is best for the installation of artificial grass carpets or not. Sometimes there is a dire need to ameliorate the drainage system of the sub-base; therefore, this work is done as a first preference.

This analysis is done on two types of surfaces. One is the soiled place where the installation of a proper drainage system is required. Otherwise, there will be no effective results. The second type of surface is the hard surface that is paved and already has a proper drainage system. If there is no proper drainage system, then the surface will not be considered suitable.

Measurement of the Place

Second, the measurement of the area of artificial grass carpeting is done. I prefer the measurement of both the length and width of that area. When you’ve finished measuring, turn your attention to cutting.

Different brands of artificial carpets offer different sizes of pieces, but you can place an order according to your needs. Usually, a piece of this fake grass carpet has a length of 25m and a width of 2-4m. Always include the suggestions of an expert in this process to avoid future troubles.

Usage of Specific Material for Installation

The third step in the installation of artificial grass carpets is the usage of specific materials. For this purpose, you need 1.3 cubic meters of aggregated gravel to put on the land. Cement is also used at the four corners to adhere to this carpet. 

Prepare a Base Surface

Apart from these steps of this process, you must make a ground surface. First, terminate the current grass with multiple tools like spades, pickaxes, and others that depend upon its strength level. Always keep in mind that this removed material should be recycled instead of wasting it.

Level the Surface

After the termination of the existing grass, the step of making the level of the surface comes. This step is taken to save the diversion of drainage from the other part of the home. You must exercise extreme caution during this process; otherwise, you will face disaster. A professional can easily do it with the help of leveling tools. Repeat this process again and again to eradicate any flaw.

Put Geotextile Membrane

Sometimes weeds are grown on the surface, which creates multiple issues for your artificial grass carpeting. To resolve this issue, put a geotextile membrane at the location of the installation.

Adhere The Borders Of Carpet To The Subfloor

Take your artificial grass carpet and adhere it to all the corners of your place. Don’t be in a hurry during this step and allow it to dry for a long time. If you don’t go in this direction, then there will be no durability to this carpet.

Complete Placing of Artificial Grass Down

After the making of the borders, now put the whole carpet on that spot of installation. Often, creases happen on the surface, which presents a very odd appearance. A roller can seek out this issue. Another way to resolve this issue is to allow this grass carpet to be placed in an open environment for a specific time duration.

Adjoining of the Artificial Grass Carpeting

As you know, this carpet is also available in the form of rolls, so you have to join them together as well. In this adjoining, glue and seaming tape are used.

Manage Infill on Your Artificial Grass Carpeting

When the glue is dried, manage all the infill through silica sand using a hard-bristle broom. Now you can enjoy the beautiful appearance of your artificial grass carpeting.


To cut a long story into a short, artificial grass carpeting is installed to gain multiple advantages. It is not a simple but tricky task. However, an arduous task can be turned into an easy one by acting on some advice. The same is the case with the installation of artificial grass carpeting.

These steps can be summarized as analysis of the place of installation, measurement of that place, using specific material for installation, making of the ground surface, making of the level of this surface, putting a geotextile membrane, and a few others. If you follow these steps, then your project for the installation of artificial grass carpeting can get accomplished flawlessly.



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