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How to Get Creative in Screen Printing Tees

We are bursting with creative and entrepreneurial ideas every day. So, why not start something unique today that sets you apart? In today’s world, we need to be one step ahead and think out of the box. And if you are into custom designing, then creativity must be in your planning process.

However, we are prone to get stuck somewhere. It is what we call an art block. But, you can become undone from this if you look around and find inspiration in little things. Who knows, one inspiration can become your next big customized tee idea! 

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing refers to transferring your stenciled art to a garment using a mesh screen, with your choice of inks and a squeegee. You transfer your art to the mesh screen and press the ink above it to print the design on your tee. Lastly, the design is embossed on the tee by heat-curing via a dryer.

It is employed by many individual sellers and small businesses that want to provide on-demand printing services. Screen printing is also cheaper than DTG or Heat Transfer printing and is easy to set up at home.

7 Tips for Beautiful Designs

Buying in bulk can be a great option if you are into selling customized tees. Subsequently, find suppliers that sell wholesale t-shirts in Orlando, Georgia, or anywhere in the US, and draw inspiration from the following sources:

1: Art Movements

Drawing inspiration from several art movements can get you out of the rut. You can walk around art museums or browse the internet to find art about a particular movement.

For example, the renaissance movement had anatomy, realism, and individualism as its design elements. The modernist art movement focuses on shapes and objects while rejecting conservative notions.

2: Start Sketching

Sketching is a healthy process of practicing your designs. It ensures that you never run out of ideas and stay afresh. For this, you must have a sketchbook where you give considerable time to sketching activity.

Don’t worry if the sketch does not turn out to be what you wanted. With several erases and scratches, you will get the hang of it. 

3: Try Abstract

Diving into abstract ideas and sketching can be productive if you want to get out of the art block. In addition, playing with shapes and objects can lead you to something beautiful!

Moreover, you can search the internet for any abstract art you may come across. So, try preliminary designs and ideas that get your creative ideas and imagination running abreast with the modern world!

4: Exhibitions and Galleries

You can also draw some inspiration from your local exhibitions and galleries. These can be photography exhibitions or art galleries in particular. From landscapes on photographic paper to vivid colors on canvas, you can extract your desirable idea from them all.

It would be best to take a notebook with you and note anything that inspires you. Don’t worry; we are not urging you to buy from them, but showing appreciation can go a long way!

5: Organize Workspace

Your workspace defines who you are and how you get the job done. It does not matter if you have a cluttered or neat workspace. What matters is your dedication.

However, putting your place in order can make things easier for you. And an organized workspace can let you be more focused on your task at hand. Therefore, try to put tags on your tools and equipment and properly place them to maintain style and aesthetics.

6: Colors and Patterns

In addition, you can create your next big design by mixing various colors to make a wonderful palette. Go to sites such as canva and to generate your desired color scheme.

Further, you can work with various patterns to make your tee stand out. Triangles, circles, or lines create a visual hierarchy and a beautiful concept that brings out something new. Therefore, find a pattern that makes your tee look fabulous!

7: Follow Blogs

Lastly, you can draw inspiration from your favorite fashion blogger! Follow blogs like Atlantic-Pacific, Hello Fashion, The Daileigh, Harper & Harley, etc., and see what they are following for the month. 

Efficient bloggers that run customized goods and screen printing services buy tees in bulk. Therefore, to roll out personalized apparel, you must buy them at an affordable price! In addition, your designs must be tried and tested when you buy from suppliers that sell wholesale T-shirts in Orlando or wholesale sweatshirts in Atlanta.

Final Words

A business cannot become successful if you do not have a knack for creativity. In addition, you must be aware of the ongoing trend in the fashion industry to make your business prosper. With our tips, you will never run out of ideas. Therefore, it is time to stay ahead of the rest in the customization world!



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