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How to Fix “Last Line No Longer Available” on iPhone?

A device that uses dual-SIM functionality appears to be affected by this error. This may happen if you use a standard SIM and an eSIM as part of your iPhone plan. An eSIM makes it easy to add more than one number to the iPhone, without requiring more than one SIM card. Users can switch between eSIM providers, provided the users’ carrier of choice supports the technology.

In recent calls under Phone > Recent, the error appears most often when attempting to dial out from the “default” SIM. An error that offers the alternative of calling using the “remaining” line.

Steps to Fix “Last Line no Longer Available” on iPhone 13

  • Run iPhone with the Latest Version of iOS. 

The” last line is no longer available error messages” are often linked to bugs, so updating the iPhone (under Settings-General-Software Update) or updating the available carrier settings(Settings- General-About menu and dabbing “Update”) can work on this matter.

  • Enabling Airplane mode under Control Center and restarting the iPhone, will reset the network connection, and can also try toggling between the SIMs before dialing under the Settings-Mobile/Cellular Data menu by tapping the “Turn This Line” option.
  • Removing and Reinstalling SIM cards can be done by using a SIM tool or pointy object.
  • Enabling/Disabling of Wi-Fi Calling (Settings-Mobile/Cellular Data- Wi-Fi Calling), then toggle the setting to resolve the error message.
  • Clearing the recent call log( under Phone-Recents-tap Edit, then clear followed by “Clear All Recents”) 
  • The last step to try if none of the previous steps work is to revert iPhone’s network settings (under Settings-General-Transfer or Reset iPhone by tapping “Reset” followed by “Reset Network Settings”), that will restore all cellular settings, VPN and APN settings, and Wi-Fi credentials to factory defaults.

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