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How To Design Cigarettes Boxes Attractively? Tips/Ticks

We all know cigarette box smoking is an injury to health. It is very harmful and has severe effects on health. The main component of a cigarette is tobacco which is highly dangerous to health. Still, it also contains some harmful chemicals which can enhance the chances of cancer and other life-threatening diseases and due. For this reason, many countries have banned its consumption. Still, those countries that do not mind cigarette buying and selling activities allow tobacco companies to introduce such products that are less harmful to health and the environment.

Therefore, tobacco companies focus on their product development of cigarettes as equal to other product manufacturing companies do. In addition, they desperately work on improving the quality and cigarette boxes. A few years ago, people learned how harmful tobacco consumption is and why smoking is not good for health through different awareness platforms. Then, they started looking for several other options through which they could satisfy their smoking needs. Later, You introduced a new way of smoking in the shape of an electronic device called “Cigarettes.” 

Traditional Cigarette Boxes

By heating a liquid, this device works and produces a vape that a smoker inhales. But unfortunately, it doesn’t contain tar like a traditional cigarette but produces other harmful chemicals. Various varieties of cigarettes available, like disposable, rechargeable, and tank-style, with variations of flavor, attract smokers to buy them. But that’s not enough to compete with other manufacturers of cigarettes. So there must be something vital that can make the obvious difference between two different brands. 

The packaging of a product tells about the quality of the product; if a product is not finely packed and labeled, it does not appeal too much to the buyer. Further, if the advertisement campaigns are not been done for a particular product, then the only thing which can force a buyer to purchase that product is its “packaging.” If a box is an attractive design, it will serve as a salesperson and communicate the brand standard. 

Traditional cigarettes are sensitive to the environment and can easily lose their freshness due to humidity and moisture, but that’s not the case with cigarettes because these devices work electronically. Hence, they are not as sensitive to the environment as traditional cigarettes. Still, it doesn’t mean that safe and secure packaging is not required to keep cigarettes. The following mentioned factors related to the packaging of cigarettes s are important and should be considered:

1- Secure and safe packaging 

2- Completely labeled 

3- Attractive brand name

4- Eye-catching color theme

5- Hazard statements and precautionary statements.

The demand for cigarettes is increasing daily, and its online selling is also increasing the importance of cigarette boxes in the industry.

1- Secure and safe Cigarette Boxes:

It is a fact that cigarettes do not produce harmful smoke that disturbs other people, but the liquid used in them has its disadvantages. This liquid contains nicotine which requires to be kept away from children. If a child digests this liquid, it will make them sick or result in death. Therefore, the packet mustn’t be easy to open for children. It must have some smart lock system that an adult can understand and open. Some countries have laws related to Cigarette boxes in line with child safety. Disposable containers of nicotine liquid, prefilled, and completely sealed cigarettes are free from this law because filling containers have a high risk of an accident. It is also very important to make cigarette boxes safe for movement. Shipping should not get damaged during transportation.

2- Completely labeled:

From a buyer’s point of view, it is very important to know everything about the product, like the date of manufacturing, validity, ingredients, safety precaution, name, and address of the supplier. All the mentioned details must be clear and readable. Printing it on a cigarette box is better than pasting it because a pasted material has a high chance of removal. If the amount exceeds 1%, it should be labeled as a toxic pictogram.

3- Attractive brand name of Cigarette Boxes:

The Cigarette boxes market has tough competition due to various suppliers and online selling. Product names also have a vital role in the success of a product. A consumer or a certain product feels pride when associated with a good brand. Therefore, it is very important to consider an attractive and unique name for the cigarette brand. It must be different from another brand and easy to remember. 

4- Eye-catching color theme and look:

There is a general perception about consumer behavior that buyer gets attracted to the product’s packaging. So if the cigarette boxes look good, it will attract the buyer to purchase. As we know, many companies use transparent cigarette boxes for their products because it has a clear view of the product so the buyer can easily look inside. So if a cigarette box manufacturer packs his product in boxes with vibrant colors and a small transparent window to look at what is inside, it will be easy to purchase. This strategy is good in the case of sealed boxes. 

5- Hazard statements and precautionary statements:

As Cigarettes are electronically working device, it has some hazards attached, and the user must be aware of those. Furthermore, the nicotine liquid also has some hazards, which You should mention. What to do when contacted with skin or small amount consumption advice, and hazards related to environmental effects. 

Every product needs good packaging for purchase, so cigarette manufacturers should also emphasize packaging their products to compete in the market. Regardless it’s a traditional cigarette or cigarette smoking. This is the ground reality that smoking harms health and that smokers should reduce their consumption. Therefore, manufacturers must stop introducing new products in this field, but whatever they are producing must be safe as possible. 



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