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How to Curate a Spotify Playlist

Creating and maintaining playlists on Spotify is great fun, and a well curated playlist can gain a good amount of activity, which results in increased discoverability and streams for some of your favorite artists.

Before creating a playlist, a good starting point is to look at the type of music you listen to and the type of playlists you follow, and consider:

Why do you follow these playlists?
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This will help to understand what a well curated Spotify playlist is all about. Once you have an idea of why you follow certain playlists, and what makes you listen to them, click on + New Playlist on the bottom left hand-side of your Spotify page (Desktop), and get curated!

We’re going to look at some key best practices to help you curate an eye catching playlist that will retain its listeners. 
  • Decide on a Mood & Choose a Title

When deciding on the type of playlist that you want to curate, consider the theme, mood and genre that you want your playlist to represent. Do you want to curate a rock playlist to drive up the coast to, or a dreamy indie playlist to listen to whilst picnicking with your friends? The possibilities are endless.

When deciding on the type of playlist that you want to curate, go with something that you are into and passionate about, as this will ensure that the playlist is unique and gives you the best chance of gaining followers.

  • Cover Art & Description

Adding a relevant photo will make your playlist look unique and attractive, and adding the right photo can draw your audience in. Look at other successful playlists in the same mood and genre as yours to give you an idea of what types of images could work. 

You can download free royalty images at Pexels, and edit via Canva. 

Adding a description to your playlist will help people to discover it. Include keywords and terms that you think your target audience would use, and create a sentence based on these keywords. Mention the mood that you’re going for and try and draw your audience in. 

  • Adding Tracks

Pick one artist that fits the theme of your playlist, and use that as a starting point to fill your playlist with tracks. 

Once you’ve added a track, Spotify’s algorithm will suggest songs at the bottom of the playlist, this is a great feature to quickly discover and add songs that have the same metadata as the playlist title and tracks in the list. 

The first 5 songs of your playlist are important as they are the tracks that the majority of people will listen to when deciding whether or not to follow the list. Don’t add too many tracks of the same artist, and try to aim for around 50-100 tracks. 

Depending on how niche your playlist is, make sure your playlist is at least 60% well streamed music. With well streamed, I mean tracks with at least a million plays. This will draw in an audience and increase the activity of the playlist. 

  • Share Your List

Share your list amongst your friends, on social media and on forums such as Reddit. The more activity your list gets, the more it will work its way into the Spotify algorithm. Once the list has worked its way into the algorithm, it will be easier for people to discover and is likely to organically grow. 

  • Regularly Update the List

Regularly updating the tracklist will increase engagement of your playlist. Although it’s good to keep a few regular songs in the list, keep an eye on trends and update your list accordingly. You can rotate songs in and out of your list, but try to refresh the list every week or so. 

Get Curating!

Curating Spotify playlists is great fun and the perfect way to connect with like-minded people with the same musical interests. Having a bunch of mood based playlists is also a great way to support your favourite artists and offer a source for other listeners to discover them. 

Keep an Eye Out!

We want to point out that not all playlists are what they first appear to be. Unfortunately Spotify is riddled with bots and fake accounts, and it can be the case that a playlist with thousands of ‘followers’ produces absolutely no streams at all. 



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