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How To Choose Active Headphones?

Active shooting headphones are a type of headphones that are designed to protect the ears from the loud sounds that occur when shooting. In headphones, the shooter is not only protected from loud sounds. He also hears everything that happens around him and can comfortably communicate with people around him.
Use headphones in different situations, for example:

  • When shooting indoors, i.e., in the dash. In a confined space, the volume of the shot increases significantly, so hearing protection is extremely important for the shooter. Devices will also be useful for hunters who hunt from a closed camouflage structure.
  • People who are hearing impaired. The devices amplify quiet sounds many times over.
  • When hunting from an ambush in a team of other hunters. Then you will be able to communicate with colleagues in a whisper and not frighten away the beast.

In addition, the ability to amplify quiet sounds will come in handy at night. The hunter will hear that the beast is approaching, in advance, and will have time to prepare for the shot in time.

How do active headphones work?

Microphones are mounted in accessory cups, which fit snugly to the ears. They non-stop pick-up sounds and transmit them to the processor. The processor, in turn, processes the signals and then outputs them to the speakers, which are also located in the earcups. There are certain restrictions on the volume level. That is, sound above a certain level will not be broadcast. Headphones not only dampen strong noise but also amplify weak signals to a level perceived by the hearing organs.

The device is powered by batteries. Usually, these are standard AAA batteries. Due to them, the functioning of the electronic circuit is ensured. In several models, there is the ability to connect peripherals: walkie-talkies, smartphones, etc.

Active earbuds perform three main functions:

  • Active headphones protect your hearing. The maximum sound threshold perceived by human ears without damage to health is 140 dB. When fired from a weapon, the volume is much higher. The headphones reduce the volume to a safe level.
  • Devices amplify quiet sounds. That is, headphones can both suppress the volume and enhance audibility. This is an important advantage for hunters. During the hunt, they can talk to each other in a whisper so as not to frighten away the beast and hear every rustle that happens around them.
  • Active headphones can be used as a headset for a radio station. Many models are designed to be connected to a radio station, so the user can constantly be in touch with colleagues.

Thanks to their unsurpassed functionality, the headphones are a very useful and functional accessory that is widely used both in hunting and in sports shooting. In addition, the devices are popular with the military.

How to choose shooting headphones?

How to choose active headphones? We recommend paying attention to several parameters:

  • Cutoff speed. This is the audio delay that occurs in electronic circuits when the signals are converted. In fact, it shouldn’t exist at all. That is, the information that should come to the hearing organs through the headphones should come instantly. Otherwise, it will negatively affect the reaction speed during firing.
  • Playback clarity. This parameter is very important for both hunters and ordinary shooters. It is important to capture any noise, because. they can make a big difference.
  • Bowl size. Too small cups of active headphones let extraneous sounds through. Too big cause inconvenience. The size must match the shooter.
  • Control comfort. The simpler the device, the better. In some models, it is possible to adjust the gain separately on each bowl. You should pay attention to such headphones if the shooter has problems with one of the hearing organs.
  • Moisture protection. Shooting can take place in any condition, incl. and extreme, in bad weather. If the model is not protected from moisture, if exposed to heavy rain, it will stop working.
  • Attachment features. If the shooter constantly wears headgear, it is better to purchase headphones with a headband. They are held on the neck, and fixed at the back, so they do not interfere with putting on a cap, helmet, or hat.
  • Weight, dimensions. It is better if the devices are light, not voluminous. Then they will not cause discomfort when worn. Folding devices are interesting – they are convenient to store and carry.
  • Battery life. The longer the device runs on batteries, the better.
  • Additional equipment. The presence of a microphone and walkie-talkie in the kit is always appropriate. Then you can chat with teammates or other hunters.

Final Words

Before buying active headphones, you should carefully read the technical specifications. If possible, try on devices. Subject to a careful approach to choosing a device, you will get the option that suits you in all respects.



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