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How to Become an Air Hostess?


Aviation courses after the 12th are one of the best courses to pursue. The aviation course offers jobs related to airplanes and airports. you can become an engineer, airport ground staff, cabin crew, air hostess, or even pilot. There are a total of 6 aviation courses. You can choose any department according to your preference. It is an excellent opportunity to choose aviation courses as your field of interest. Aviation courses have a high scope and give a good salary package. One of the most common courses is to become an air hostess. A lot of people ask how to become an air hostess. I hope we will help you and give you some valuable content about air hostess



Being an air hostess is a desirable profession for many girls. Air hostesses are a part of the cabin crew and are responsible for the health and safety of passengers and their comfort during the flight. They make arrangements for emergencies before takeoff and landing. 


They communicate with passengers before takeoff and tell them about emergency procedures and make them aware of what to do in the worst situations. Passengers should be aware of the rules and regulations for an emergency landing. The air hostess welcomes the passengers and greets them happily. They also help them in finding seats and storing their handbags. One of the most important roles of an air hostess is to serve food and beverages to passengers. If the flight duration is long they have to serve them meals and snacks two to three times and if it is short then they will serve only one time. They have to maintain the cleanliness of the plane and pick up the garbage as well. They need to maintain the memorandum of flight. keep the record of inventory like pillows and blankets. 


The first criterion is to qualify 10+2 with 50 percent or above and fluency in English speaking. Your health should be good and have a fit body and good stamina and good mental health as work time changes a lot in this field according to flight timings. physical strength will help you in lifting heavy luggage. You should be giving excellent customer service. having a good personality and pleasant attitude. You should be calm and make good decisions during emergencies. 


A 10+2 qualification is a must but if you have a degree in a relevant course in aviation then it is beneficial and will help you to get a job easily in this field. Having a specific degree in aviation is important but a major in various fields like public relations, communications, or foreign language is a benefit for you as it will help you work in international flights. 

You should have an experience in customer interaction, which makes your communication skills strong. working as a receptionist or waitress will help you in building your resume for an air hostess and shows your dedication to the job

Various institutes provide certificate courses for air hostesses and have a good connection with airlines and provide guaranteed placement. Joining these institutes will secure your job and give you quality training. 

Apply to airlines by posting your resume and cover letters in the resume choose the airline according to their region of service and their timings. Researching airlines is also valuable knowledge that is beneficial for your relevant skills.

Airlines provide training to their new employees for three to six months, which will help you to understand the work of an air hostess. You will be getting knowledge about rules and regulations, safety, and responsibilities. If you pass the training then you will be working in a flight as a trainee under a fully certified air hostess. 

There are many institutes but we have a list of some reputed institutes in India which are best to join 

  • Indira Gandhi institute of aeronautics, Gujarat
  • Jet airways training academy, Delhi
  • Bombay flying club, Mumbai
  • Air hostess academy, Bangalore
  • Universal aviation academy, Chennai
  • Frankfinn institute of air hostess training


  • Educational qualification of 10+2 and a degree in cabin crew training or hospitality
  • There is an entrance exam called AIAEE, NCHMCT JEE, and AEE which gives you the way to some universities which take admission on a merit basis. 
  • Communications skills, problem-solving or  detail-oriented are required and have a beneficial role
  • 18 to 26 years is the age limit to be an air hostess.
  • 5 to 5’2 is the minimum height required to be an air hostess
  • You can make 5 lakh per annum and many benefits.


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