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How Land is Prepared for Home Construction

We emphasize on how our house is built, what designs were used, and if marbles were used or not. But, very few of us, actually care about the land in which our houses are built upon. Have you ever as a homeowner wondered what has to go in to making a site ready for a house to be built upon it. There is actually a lot that goes in to the site, to make a site graded and suitable for building a new house.

Once you have chosen a place to make your house in, and have bought that place from the land owner, the work of the home construction company starts. The first work is to clear the land from shrubs and trees. Shrubs and trees which are falling inside the site plan of the house to be built needs to be completely cut off. Sometimes, you may have a historic tree planted in your backyard, around which you may want to construct your house. If you want to remove a tree and plant it elsewhere, then it would require more work, since, it cannot be just cut off or fell off. The soil has to be digged and all the roots of the tree should be extracted to relocate the tree elsewhere.

Clearing off the land obviously means that you need to clear off the large trees as well. But, before clearing off the trees consider the shade that it can provide to your house. A tree can be a source of coolant. Especially in summer days, it can provide the required shade. Tree is also a source of fresh oxygen and absorbs pollutants, and therefore help in keeping a clean and healthy environment around the house. Big trees also serve as a place for birds and animals to make their nests, and raise their young. This can be great to watch at in Spring.

Now, once the land site has been cleared, the contractor will come to compact and level the ground on which the house is to be built. This would need a lot of things like, scooping up soil from one place and accumulating it in other places. Now, some or excess soil from your compound needs to be hauled away by truck to other places. If the soil can be relocated to some other place in the compound, then it will save your haul away fees. Then, it is time to lay the foundations to your house. Sometimes, extra dirt needs to be brought in, to solidify the ground.

The next step is to set up the corners of the house, or the stakes which will signify the corners. Doing this would help the concrete pouring team to know where the footings of the house will go. After the footing and the point mapping has been done, now is the time to plan for the utilities. Utilities include gas lines, electricity, water and sewage. If your area has not got any sewage connectivity beforehand, then the contractor will make a trench and install a septic tank inside your area. If you have a plan of making a basement too, then the contractor will first dig and smooth the area of the basement, so that in future you don’t have a leaking basement. There is a lot of preparation that goes on before the house is actually set up on a land. Detailed planning makes the process smooth and successful. ESV Prime Construction Specialist are a leading general contractor and renovator in Los Angeles. Call them to know more.



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