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How Important Assets To Roadworthy Certificate For Your Car

If you have a roadworthy certificate you are absolutely safe, when it comes to saving your interest against law and order proceedings. You can always drive with confidence and stay stress-free when your certificate is in hand. So it is for your own good that you should have one of those certificates that makes you are a law-abiding citizen of the country. It is basically a certificate that certifies that the vehicle in question is street-legal and has met all the required standards set by the regulatory authority to operate.

The Aspects Covered By A Roadworthy Certificate

When you have a roadworthy certificate, then you are sure to have had your vehicle inspected by the concerned authorities. They examine certain aspects of your vehicles as per the set standards after which they issue a certificate that certifies the legal fitness of the car to operate on the streets. Here are the things that they will check your vehicle for:

  • Car wheels and tyres
  • Brakes, suspension and steering
  • Seats and seatbelts
  • Reflectors and lights
  • Windows, wipers and windscreen
  • The structure of the vehicle
  • Inspection of gas as in vehicles running on natural gas and propane run vehicles
  • Horn
  • Other safety issues with your car body, chassis and engine

What Other Aspects Will The Inspector Check For?

The inspector will invariably check the tyres, but again he may make a deeper inspection of the car tyres. He will check to see whether the car tyres have any deep cuts in them and whether they are wearing out evenly. This ensures the safety of the car owner as well as other cars on the road.  If the wear and tear in the tyre are uneven it means that there is a problem with the wheel alignment or the suspension is problematic.

For a car to get a roadworthy certificate, the inspector will also check whether the treads on the tyre are original, they are balanced or not or else the wheels will vibrate, the rims of the wheels are of the right size or not is another point that they will examine. Lastly, the pressure in the tyres should be optimum. It means that the pressure in the tyres should be that of the recommended levels by the manufacturers of the car.

When Do You Need A Roadworthy Certificate?

You will need a roadworthy certificate when you:

  • Are selling or buying a vehicle that is already registered
  • Ownership is being transferred
  • Transferring of the vehicle’s registration from one state to another because the laws and regulations of every state are different
  • Re-registering a vehicle that is unregistered

And now you must be wondering which vehicles require a roadworthy certificate. Yes, all cars, motorcycles, trailers and large vehicles that weigh up to 4.5 tonnes require the certificate.

The Validity of A Roadworthy Certificate

The validity of a roadworthy certificate is very short. When you buy a car from a dealer, your certificate will last for either 3 months or up to a limit of 1000 km, whichever comes earlier. When you are selling a car, it will last for either 2 months or 1000 km whichever is earlier. But again there is a catch here. You must understand that the validity of your roadworthy certificate will vary and depend on the state or region in that you are residing.

The Fees of A Roadworthy Certificate

The fees of a roadworthy certificate varies from region to region. It is not of any fixed variable. So when you go for a certificate of the order you will; have to pay the amount that is applicable at the place of registration of your car. Some regions have higher amounts and some have comparatively lower amounts. Some regions also charge as per the weight of the vehicle.

No matter how different their rules and regulations and charges are, one thing that is common for all is that they ensure the safety of not only the owner of the car but also that of the public. This is because the car will travel in public places so they can harm the public if they are not in proper working condition. Only when everything is just perfect the inspector will issue you a roadworthy certificate.



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