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How Do I Stretch an Image Without Distorting It?

Often when you stretch an image, it gets distorted. Most stretched images may seem fine but not as sharp as the original picture. However, you might need to stretch a photo for various purposes, such as product photography for ecommerce.

So how to stretch an image without distorting it? In this article, we will discuss different steps to do it.

How to Stretch an Image Without Distorting It?

In Photoshop, you can easily stretch a picture by the shift keys and “move tool.” However, many people find it tough to match the image dimensions.

The following steps would help you:

  1. Choose “Move Tool” while pressing “V.”
  2. In the layer panel, select the layers you want to stretch
  3. Now, you need to choose anchor points while pressing the shift key
  4. Then, adjust according to your size
  5. Finally, stretch your picture.

3 Alternative Ways to Stretch an Image Without Distorting

If you find the previous method tough, you can always try alternative methods. In the following sections, you will find 3 more ways to stretch an image without distorting it.

Let’s check them out!

1.    Increase Your Image Size

You might stretch the picture too much when trying to crop an image. Most people tend to forget that the canvas isn’t too big.

So, it is possible to rectify these problems through the canvas size. You can stretch the pictures with the image size tool if you increase the size.

First, open your picture, move to “Image,” and select “Image Size.” A window will come up where you need to select “Link Icon” to make it inactive. Moreover, this option will automatically fix the picture.

Next, you need to select “Percent” in the drop-down menu (Width and Height). In this part, you can select the percentage of your choice. But remember that your height will be 50% more than your width after stretching. Finally, select “Ok,” and your picture is ready.

Also, you can undo your image by changing the percentage. You just need to “Edit” and select “Undo,” and continue with the same process to edit your picture.

2.    Use Your Transform Tool

You can use the “Transform Tool” to use different ways, scale the picture and rotate the picture. There’s a “Distort Setting” in this tool through which you can stretch any picture.

First, you need to create a new document. It is very important to adjust the canvas size to a large one, or your picture will get cropped when you start stretching the picture. You will manage to get the perfect size after you play with the sizes.

Next, drag and drop your desired picture. Your picture will stay as a layer on top of the background as it’s not possible to change the background layer.

While dropping the pictures, make sure you choose the “Layers Panel” and choose “Move Tool.” Now, you need to choose “edit,” then move to “Transform,” and finally select “Distort.”

You can also stretch an image by selecting “Edit” and “Free Transform.” On PC, you have to select “Control & T,” whereas, on Mac, you have to select “Command & T.” When you find the active transform tool, you can distort your image with right-click.

You can change the corner using the “Free Transform” option. However, you can lock the sides with the other option, “Distort.” Now, you have to use “Alt” on PC or “Option” on Mac to stretch the sides properly.

Other than these, this method will only work when “Move Tool” is active.

3.    Use Content-Aware Scale

The Content-Aware Scale helps make your image “fit an aspect ratio.” However, you can stretch an image without distorting it when you use this method. Your layers can blur out when you start, so you can click right on the smart object and then choose “Rasterize Layer.”

Then, extend your canvas with “Crop Tool.” Now, you have to use “Alt” on PC or “Option” on Mac to extend the sides. Move on to selecting “Edit” and “Content-Aware Scale.” In the settings, you can now adjust the width and height.

Other than these, you will be able to do the following steps when your “Move Tool” is active.

Final Words

It’s very easy to stretch an image without distorting it. These different ways in Photoshop would make your task easier and let you get a better picture. Whether you’re changing horizontal or vertical, you will always end with your desired effect. So, have fun editing now!

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