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How can you get benefit of Missed Call Solution in India

Generally, a missed call refers to a call that does not get answered before it is disconnected. It is crucial to distinguish between a missed call and a missed call service or solution.

With a missed call solution powered by the Cloud, callers are tracked, responses are recorded, and an auto-notification message is sent.

In the past, this solution has been used for functions such as booking a table at a restaurant or scheduling a doctor’s appointment. In addition to leveraging missed call solutions, businesses can also gain a holistic insight into their campaigns by integrating features such as IVR, call records, and auto-attendant.

With the rise of cloud telephony, there are many service providers offering missed call solutions. It becomes more difficult to find the right choice for your business as clutter increases. Here are some tips to combat this. Remember these, and you’re good to go!

Build a list of qualified service providers who fall within your geographic reach and scope of services

You can choose between a toll-free number and a virtual mobile number for missed call services. Choosing wisely will affect your future marketing campaigns.

Identify and add additional services: Include as many additional features and services as you can. You should compare the charges and deliverables of all your service providers. When it comes to your missed call services, be sure to negotiate and tick off as many features as you can. Create a holistic solution rather than just focusing on one number.

Pricing: Last but not least, keep an eye out for missed call solutions’ prices. It is absolutely fine to go with a service provider who offers higher rates, as long as they are credible in the industry and offer high-quality solutions.

There are a few basic things to keep in mind when evaluating vendors.

The mechanism behind Missed Call Solutions

It is one of the most basic features of cloud telephony to provide missed call solutions. You can have it deployed either on a toll-free number (1800 number) or a virtual number. A missed call is disconnected as soon as it lands on the missed call number. A simple IVR can offer businesses enormous benefits here by recording the responses of callers.

Businesses can gain valuable customer insight by utilizing robust call recording capabilities in the cloud. Missed call numbers can be used to conduct polls, surveys, and other research and tailor business decisions accordingly.

The user-friendly portal that comes with this solution lets marketers check how many callers actually responded to the IVR and how many hung up.

Missed call solutions, for example, can be used to poll customers about upcoming products. Their customers can leave a missed call on a particular number and mark themselves as “interested” or “not interested” on the IVR using their keypads.

Let’s take a look at the key benefits below, shall we?

1. Zero Cost For Your Customers

For your business and especially for your customers, missed call services are very cost-effective. With just a few coins invested, you can reap a substantial return on your investment, and your customers will appreciate your generosity.

2. Ability To Collect Real-time Data

Whenever a customer leaves you a missed call, the cloud servers automatically save and update the information in the CRM. Moreover, it updates automatically while conserving valuable customer information at no cost to your business!

You might be able to benefit from such service whether you’re a startup or a seasoned businessperson, especially if you rely on subscriptions and CODs as your primary revenue source. Customers will not need to fill out long and tedious forms when they can simply leave a missed call to subscribe to your service!

3. Extra Points For Your Customer Service

A missed call service isn’t spamming! In their view, people opt-in voluntarily and for themselves.

4. A Pool Of High-Quality Leads

Contacting your business indicates that customers are interested in what you have to offer – which will mean they are more likely to become repeat customers.

5. A Mass Audience Reach

As most people use smartphones and simply phones wherever they are, missed call services are widely available. It’s an understatement to say that these services are widespread.



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