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How can HRs Benefit from Document Management Software in times of COVID?

Where innumerable easy solutions available in the market today, you can still see HRs struggling to maintain the data of their confidential employees and appliers in the huge piles of files racked up in some locker or file cabinets. 

Do you think in times like COVID-19, it is effortless to reach out to the required candidates while your offices are closed? Being clenched in the paperwork can make access to the essential information remotely almost next to impossible. Do you think the Human Resource Department should risk their lives and sit in the office to retrace valuable information to make human interactions? 

Well, don’t you think with options like online meetings, one can easily escape the risk of conducting conferences, and with document management software available, they can list and manage the data of essential employees?

So, if you are still procrastinating transitioning to a paperless solution, here are some of the reasons why you should shun away the idea of delaying document management software:

1) Get rid of paper piles in the lockers- Are you tired of searching out files and papers from the cabinets and lockers for finding information? If yes then you must discard the outdated system of hosting files in the dilapidated cabinets. The faster you will rely on the management software, the easier you will make your life and sort your work. Reasons why to opt for document management system-

  • It saves your time in locating files.
  • You get your files arranged automatically in the documentation software.
  • You can smoothly go for cross reference digitally.
  • You can delete the unwanted files and still maintain the record of the deleted files.

2) Automation of policies- Policies and procedures can change any time depending upon the environment. During COVID, many employers and business owners have updated their policies in conducting business, including safety procedures, number of leaves, online employee handling and many more. So, to reach out to each employee in the pandemic and get wet signatures becomes extremely difficult without document management software. The system is a great platform to create copies that can be circulated and stored in the filing system.

3) Discarding paper forms- Paper forms are difficult to handle and can take longer to transfer, alter and keep them securely. If not handled with care, they can be misplaced or difficult to track. Besides, data that is manually filled on the forms are more susceptible to errors. However, if you fill forms electronically, flaws can be corrected, records are not lost, and can be easily tracked on the route.

4) Remote access to files- With electronic document management system, HRs need not visit the office to search files physically. They can remotely access files in their software or the cloud storage whenever required.

5) Securing your work- Anyone can sneak peek into your file cabinets, and you might never know. During the pandemic, you may never know who can steal or damage them. But, if you rely on documentation software, your files are stored in a secure system that can only be accessed by you since they are protected against the unauthorized access and can only be logged in by those who have the passcode.



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