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Here’s Why the YEZZY 450 Is A Must-Have In Every Sneaker Collection

We call agree that the YEZZY 450 boasts various cutting-edge innovations that consistently generate waves across the whole sneaker sectors, like a 3D Printed sole made in Germany. This sneaker feels futuristic in terms of design, technology, and structure.

With a venom-like exoskeleton structure eating your foot, this brand-new, inventive sneaker has some of the most cutting-edge and interesting sneaker technology we have ever seen on any shoe. As a result, your first use may feel a touch snug, but with time, as the knit adjusts to your foot, it ensures a more customised, perfect fit. The shoe nevertheless offers an unparalleled appearance that is guaranteed to set you apart from the crowd.

The Adidas YEEZY 450 has a new, significantly thinner box design than what we have come to expect from the YEEZY brand, as you can see from the images above. The model name is on top of the cardboard box, which also has descriptions and a size tag on the back and front of the shoe.

The single unit is the most striking and modern component of the YEEZY 450. The EVA foam sole unit, which is similar to the sole unit of Foam Runners, travels up to also serve as the mid-foot cage. This sole unit was also sort of a by-product of the entire future being 3D printed in Germany, where Adidas is headquartered.

A new sole model for the YEEZY brand is located at the bottom of the shoe. From the bottom of the shoe up to the top, where an embossed Adidas athletics insignia is located, the sole has wave-like ripples (the only logo visible on the entire model).

Although this foam is exceptionally soft, it is yet constructed to provide the best underfoot comfort. In contrast to the sole, the midsole has arches surrounding each “claw” that encircles your foot. These points do have a tendency to enlarge beneath your feet as you walk, providing a more secure ride.

As you wear the shoe, the midsole’s “claws” slide up to grip your feet and create a midfoot cage, which expands to give you a more comfortable fit.

Due to the structure of the model, you should absolutely order at least one half size larger than your true size for the shoe because of the stretchy but tight fabric that has been bonded into the one-piece sole unit. As we’ve already noted, after a certain amount of time, the shoe does adjust to your foot and their particular requirements, giving it that snug fit.

Like what we have come to anticipate from the YEEZY brand from other models like the 350 or 380, the knit utilised on the shoe is tough yet still supple and comfortable.

The lacing mechanism is also a component of the upper; however, knit eyelets are located on top of the shoe rather than holes drilled into it. To help the eyelets maintain their shape throughout prolonged usage, the knit has a different and thicker arrangement surrounding them. There is a stretchy sock-like collar where your foot enters the shoe at the ankle. This allows for simple entry and exit from the sneaker while yet offering excellent support.

You can sense a difference in texture from the knit on the outside of the shoe to a smooth rubber-like one on the inside, where the midsole unit is fused into the upper. The otherwise sock-like structure may keep its shape and rigidity around the heel thanks to a small amount of yarn that is a slightly different colour and has some added support components.

The insole, like many other YEEZYs before it, provides a soft underfoot experience utilising Ortholite technology, but unlike other models, it features a flip-under tag, which is also new for YEEZY models.



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