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Handling Tactics for Players New to Tee Ball By Using

With players new to the game, the mentor should guarantee that he/she starts with a straightforward course of action and creates it in stages. The following was proposed to new mentors to Tee Ball as the stages to create as the players mature in the game.
Stage 1:

  1. All infield handled balls are tossed to initially base (assuming there is a possibility getting the sprinter out). In any case, the defender raises the ball over the head to forestall further running.
  2. On the off chance that the ball isn’t handled neatly in the infield, the defender raises the ball over the head to stop further running.
  3. No early endeavors ought to be made to get a sprinter out at headquarters.
  4. Balls in the outfield are tossed to the closest infielder who raises the ball over the head inside the precious stone to forestall further running.
  5. While trying to get the sprinter out, the ball ought to just be tossed once and afterward held up. Deter players from pursuing the sprinter around the jewel and additionally tossing the ball after the sprinter.
    Stage 2:
    Show the players constrained plays. Make sense of that, in a constrained play, the baseman needs just to get the ball and contact the base with the foot to get the sprinter out. Then, at that point, exhibit to the players on the jewel, when a constrained play is on. (This is great instructing both for when players are handling and being a sprinter).
    Stage 3:
    Next twofold and triple plays ought to be made sense of and rehearsed. Likewise, make sense of that a twofold and triple play is conceivable after a catch is taken.
    When the catch is taken, clarify where for toss the ball to get the extra out.
    Stage 4:
    Show your players when they need to label the sprinter at the base or running past them in the precious stone as they field the ball.
    In all circumstances, urge the defender to know where they will toss the ball before they field it.
    Urge them to toss the ball for the least demanding out for example the closest base or a respectable starting point on the off chance that there are two outs.
    With outfield hits, train your infielders to run towards the outfielder to abbreviate the outfielder’s toss. This permits the infielder to get the following toss rapidly into the infield to stop the play or get an out.


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