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GoPuff Driver Review Everything You Should Know About GoPuff

Driving for Uber and Lyft isn’t for everyone: some individuals need to bring children or other family members along, and other GoPuff drivers prefer working at more convenient hours (that may be less profitable than rideshare driving periods) (that may be less lucrative than rideshare driving times).

If this sounds like you, you may be interested in a new delivery firm offered in a surprising number of places! RSG writer Chonce Maddox Rhea offers her Gopuff Driver evaluation with all you need to know below.

Breaking: Gopuff Raises $1.15 Billion

Recently, it was revealed that Gopuff Jobs has raised $1.15 billion, for a total value of $8.9 billion. Is GoPuff the next great, hidden opportunity for delivery drivers?

Harry replies “not so fast.” On Twitter, Harry offered his ideas about why Gopuff Jobs may not be the ideal option for drivers.

Basically, this investment news could be excellent for consumers, but how do the numbers work for deliverers? Will Gopuff Driver get a raise?

On one hand, Gopuff Jobs may pay well and work: GoPuff is vertically integrated and buys in bulk. A gallon of milk bought for $1.50 may be sold for $4 if GoPuff subsidizes delivery expenses.

Before this revelation, Gopuff Driver made roughly $13-15 an hour, according to Indeed. Our Gopuff Driver average 2.5-3 orders per hour, with part-time drivers earning $15-21 per hour (spring 2021 numbers). While driver earnings seem to be increasing, we’ll keep a watch on the news to see whether this trend continues.

What Is It?

Time to admit. I sometimes ask my hubby to do errands. We may need medication, food for supper, or, let’s face it, a fast snack.

When I learned about Gopuff Jobs, I knew I’d be a client. The app enables you to order items from a convenience shop for $5.99 per month and $1.99 for each delivery using Gopuff Discount Code.

I also noticed that GoPuff engages driver-partners to deliver the things. I wanted to test whether operating as a Gopuff Driver may assist rideshare drivers trying to diversify their income.

What Is Gopuff For Drivers?

Become a GoDrive Driver Partner to start delivering with Gopuff Jobs. Because GoPuff is a mobile convenience shop, GoDrive partners are compensated to deliver things straight to clients.

Unlike Postmates and DoorDash, GoDrive partners do not deliver food.

To avoid having stinky food in your vehicle or lugging around drink orders, GoPuff may be the ideal delivery option for you.

So, where do you obtain your items? Gopuff Jobs has warehouses all throughout the US. Drivers plan ahead of time and arrive at the warehouse at the start of their shift.

When orders start rolling in, you’ll be allocated a delivery route. If you’ve used Amazon Flex previously, you’ll be acquainted with how it works!

In certain areas, Gopuff Jobs offers alcohol and cigarettes, therefore GoDrive partners must verify the customer’s age. You just need to scan the customer’s ID using your phone.

Each consumer uses her phone to approve their order. Minors do place orders, but you must verify with an adult and acquire their signature as a Gopuff Driver.

Then you’ll consent to a background check and if you pass, an onboarding session and an Alcohol Delivery Certification Course.

After this, you may start driving Gopuff Jobs and choose your shifts. The registration procedure has 12 stages and takes less than 2 weeks.


  • Re-engagement/Waitlist
  • Personal Data File Direct Deposit
  • W9 Review and sign the background check
  • Onboarding Videos Onboarding Session
  • Ready to Go

Pros Of Delivering Gopuff

Items are delivered centrally. Unlike Uber, Lyft, and delivery apps like GrubHub, GoDrive partners exclusively deliver orders near their warehouse. This saves gas and ensures you always know where you’re going to deliver.

Own your time. Although GoDrive partners set their own hours, their timetables are predetermined a week in advance. In certain locations, GoPuff delivery is available until 4:30 a.m.

Minimum rate assured. The guaranteed minimum wage for Gopuff Driver is reasonable, particularly considering the smaller distance than rideshare drivers. To ensure that GoPuff does not take a cut of your gratuities, you must also factor in your gas, tax, and insurance costs.

Cons Of Delivering Gopuff

Managing cash and tips. One Gopuff Driver said dealing with cash and tips may be difficult. Since Gopuff Jobs is a mobile petrol station, they enable consumers to pay with cash in specific regions. You may not want to carry large amounts of cash or have to keep track of it as a delivery driver.

Taking commands from kids or requiring ID. Taking orders from children adds a step to the delivery process since an adult must sign off on the order. What if the adolescent orders and no adult is present? Another possible issue is the additional time required to deliver alcohol and tobacco orders. While checking IDs is vital, it takes time away from returning to the warehouse to collect additional orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Automobile Do I Need To Deliver Gopuff?

GoPuff doesn’t publish vehicle specifications, thus there may be no tight restrictions here. Because you’re not carrying passengers, your car’s year and model don’t matter as they do with Uber and Lyft.

How Can I Arrange A Shift?

The driving app may arrange shifts. Once you sign up for a shift, you are committed to working those hours and arriving on time.

  • Top GoPuff Tips Drivers
  • High Demand Shifts

One of the things I like about driving is the flexibility. While Gopuff Jobs has more limits than other applications, you may still utilize their scheduling tool to your advantage.

Delivery drivers should keep an eye on the schedule and organize shifts around peak ordering times. Consider when you would utilize the app as a consumer. Popular times:

When folks are too fatigued to go shopping

Over the weekend or throughout the workweek when folks can’t go out as much and would prefer a convenient delivery

Efficient Work

I heard Gopuff Jobs didn’t always let drivers retain 100% of their tips. Instead, they included gratuities into their normal charge, as do several meal delivery services.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case, so the more tasks you do, the more advice you earn. So be organized and check orders promptly so you may go on to the next.

Working effectively and making as many deliveries as possible will significantly increase your revenue. Plus, completing a set amount of deliveries throughout your shift may earn you a bonus.

Should You Join Gopuff?

Overall, Gopuff Jobs driving appears simple. You choose your own schedule and don’t have to bother with restaurants or orders.

You just start your shift in the warehouse and deliver pre-packaged products to consumers.

Your automobile will be spared some wear and tear since you will be delivering in one region.

It has drawbacks like any other side hustle. If Gopuff Jobs is available in your region, you should try it for a part-time job.

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