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Five Amazing Sofa Cleaning Secrets You Should Know

You have exhausted trying every method under the sun to keep your home sparkling. Yet, your sofas and upholstery are degrading day by day depreciating the overall look of your living room. How miserable it is!

Do not worry! Let us understand the cause first. Your sofas become the victims of spills, accidents, and daily wear and tear. It makes them look dull and outdated that obviously does not feel good. But it does not mean you can not make your sofas look new again.

You just have to know some cleaning secrets and you can make your sofas look spick and span again. If your sofas are not looking any better, you do not need to worry. You can book sofa cleaning services in Karachi for effective and efficient cleaning of your sofas.

Amazing Sofa Cleaning Secrets to Clean Your Sofas Properly

In this article, you will come to learn some amazing sofa cleaning secrets for excellent cleaning of your sofas:

1. Do not Ever Rub the Stains

You might think that rubbing is necessary while removing stains from your sofas, considering it the best way to do so. But believe me, it is not right at all. Instead, it proves damaging for your sofas’ fabric.

When you use a cloth, sponge, or paper towel to remove stains, it does not require too much force to blot the stain. If you put a force and rub the stains, it damages the fibres of the sofa fabric.

It can make your sofas look dull and outdated, which can degrade the overall look of your living room.  That is why you should not rub while removing a stain.

If the stains on your sofas are still present instead of your multiple tries, do not worry. Book an expert sofa cleaner in Karachi who will make your sofas look spotless and flawless.

He has years-long experience in cleaning sofas and upholstery. That is why he is a perfect suit for this job.

2. Cleaning with Shaving Cream

You might find it weird, but it works. You can try it at home as it does not damage any kind of sofa fabric. It not only can remove the stains properly but also takes very less effort.

What you have to do is just apply a little quantity of shaving cream to stains and let it work for almost 30 minutes. After this shaving cream has done its magic, blot it away with a clean cloth.

Now, you can see its magic. The whole stains will be disappeared making your sofas look tidy and spotless. Hence, you can remove stains from your sofas by applying shaving cream which is simple and pocket-friendly.

3. Removing Dried Gums

Sometimes, you do not even realize that you have thrown the gum on your sofas. When this dries up, it can prove to be an itch in your mind because it seems that it is not going to be removed.

It not only can make your sofas look dirty but also feels weird when you accidentally touch this while sitting or lying on your sofas. It can also damage your sofas’ fabric if not removed for a longer time.

That is why you should take proper care while throwing such sticky things. Watch out whether you are throwing it in a dustbin or on your fabric or leather sofas.

But if you have thrown it on your sofas inadvertently, do not worry! It is possible to remove it. You can remove it on your own or you can book sofa cleaning services in Karachi for effective removal of dried gums.

If you are willing to do this on your own, here is what you should do. Take some ice cubes and place them on the dried up gums. It will make the gum stiff and weaken the adhesion with sofa fabric.

Now, pull the gum in a way that all of it is removed. And your sofas will become clean and tidy.

4. Use Grease Instead of Dishwasher Detergent

Some stains can give you a tough time and you might feel exhausted because of their stubbornness. What a pity! You are working hard but not smart. That is why you are not succeeding in cleaning them.

Here is one of the easiest feasible ways to remove stains. This method is known for removing almost all the stains successfully.

What you have to do is just apply some drops of grease to the stain you want to remove. Wait for a while and now use dishwasher detergent and remove the stain. The dishwasher detergent will remove the grease in the same principle as it removes blemishes from kitchen dishes. But if your sofa stains are still there instead of trying this trick, it means you need to let an expert look into the matter. So, book Sofa Wash Services in Karachi for better and on-time cleaning of your sofas.



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