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Facts About Love Marriage Prediction That Everyone Know

Marriage is an important bond of life. Through marriage, the person makes a commitment to his life partner. It means that he builds a lifelong relationship with his life partner. Marriages can happen in two ways. Arrange marriage and love marriage. In an arranged marriage, the family members look for a suitable life partner for the bride or groom. In a love marriage, a boy or girl can choose their life partner by making a love relationship. Many people also do love marriage prediction that their life should go well.

Nobody knows whether you have made the right choice or the wrong one. Maybe your marriage can make or break your life. It all depends on you how you look at your married life. Often people also talk about the pros and cons of both these types of marriages. Especially much is discussed about love marriage.

Love is not a new definition in the history of human civilization. Every human being has the freedom to love the partner he/she wants. In fact, a love marriage can also unite two opposite couples or families. Many couples are also living a better life in today’s era. 

According to astrology, kundli and planetary positions also play a role in it. There are many such yogas that are related to human life. This is the reason why many people give love marriage prediction, which is possible.

Love Marriage Prediction Through Houses

  • The 7th, 8th, 5th, and 11th houses are necessary for love marriage. The zodiac signs Scorpio, Gemini, and Pisces also reveal a lot in the process. The planets Rahu, Moon, Mars, Venus, and Mercury are considered responsible for influencing love marriage. These can be detected by accurate studies about love marriage prediction.
  • The 7th house is an important indicator for love marriage, arranged marriage, coupling, romance, etc. Astrologers check these indicators for love and arranged marriage.
  • Love and romance are also indicated by the fifth house and its lord. It is one of the main houses read to check romance. The planets placed in the fifth house also play an important role in love marriage.
  • The 8th house is not as important as the 5th and 7th houses. It symbolizes the hidden aspects of bodily desires, pleasures of the body, romance, and love affairs.
  • 11th house indicates success, profit, sexual desire, and close friendship.

There are also some planets that predict love marriage

Venus is known as the planet of love. This planet has an important role in matters of marriage and romance. It indicates to attract couples for love marriage. The presence of the Moon in the horoscope indicates a love marriage with a handsome person.

Mars is associated with male energy. It shows the presence of a lover in a woman’s horoscope. Mars indicates passion or fire. An important part of Vedic astrology, Mars represents the husband in the female chart.

Rahu indicates unfulfilled desire or disobedience to social and traditional beliefs. Rahu awakens sensual desires in a person. It is the second most important planet for love marriage after Venus.

Mercury denotes confusion and the need for constant enjoyment of life. It represents friends of the opposite sex. It also has an important role in love marriage prediction.

Let us tell you that the Moon has direct control over the thoughts. That is why it can play a role in indicating love in marriage. Here in our minds thoughts of romance and desires for love arise. If not interested in romance? So people remain serious about careers and other options in life. It is difficult to be their love match. You can also check your horoscope on the online platform.



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