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Early Ejaculation Medicines & Other Treatment Option for PE

A long-lasting intimate experience is always a good thing. However, due to various reasons, men may have premature discharge. Also called pre-ejaculation, this is the common male sexual disturbance. However, with early ejaculation medicine, you can treat this condition. 

Around 30% of males encounter this condition at one point or moment in their lives, and the semen will come out before any partner experiences an orgasm. However, this issue is treatable with medications and changes to a diet supplement or food that aid in the early discharge.

Signs of Premature Ejaculation

There are no signs other than being aware of it in the course of. The arousal is quick, a brief erection accompanies that, and ejaculation occurs in minutes or seconds.

While coping with anxiety and lifestyle changes are essential, you need to find other effective early discharge solutions to address premature ejaculation. 

The Best Early Ejaculation Medicine Options

So, to control PE, the first step includes looking for the best early ejaculation medicine for treating your condition. So, you must also consult with a good doctor who can offer you the best medicine for premature ejaculation in India to treat PE. 

There are some medications that the doctor will recommend for your premature ejaculation treatment. 

Antidepressants, particularly selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, may help prevent premature ejaculation. It is considered an “off-label” usage (not approved by the Food and Drug Administration). Discuss the adverse effects of the medications with your.

Anesthetic (numbing) sprays and creams applied to the shaft and head of the penis can be a second alternative to stop the process of ejaculation. 

So, the cream or gel is applied to the penis. Let it get absorbed for over ten to thirty minutes, or till you experience less sensitivity to the penis. However, it’s essential to wash your penis before sex to prevent numbness in the vagina of your partner or losing your sexual erection.

Erectile dysfunction medicines that include sildenafil (Viagra(r)) and Tadalafil (Cialis(r)), as well as Vardenafil (Levitra(r)) along with Avanafil (Stendra(r)), can also be an early ejaculation medicine, particularly for men who have Erectile dysfunction.

Yet, let the doctor prescribe you the appropriate premature ejaculation treatment for your condition.

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Some Home Remedies As Premature Ejaculation Treatment

  1. Eggs: This item provides the necessary protein to produce sex hormones.
  2. Blueberries:  Blueberries are food that increases blood flow, particularly to the genital region, which helps to keep an erection in place.
  3. Asparagus powder can be added to milk and boiled, and eaten at least twice a day.

Some other alternatives to early ejaculation medicine include:


Many minerals play a crucial part in the overall health of sexual health. There isn’t conclusive proof that any of these minerals will solve erectile dysfunction. Health levels may help reduce the severity of various related issues such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Although the minerals calcium, manganese, copper, and selenium can aid, the two which have the greatest scientific backing are:


One of the most significant minerals associated with reproductive health and the creation of the sperm includes magnesium. This mineral connects to various sexual functions, with many studies focused on its possible connection with premature ejaculation.

So if you have early ejaculation medicine, ask your doctor about the usage of magnesium supplements and their efficacy.


Zinc is another vital mineral for premature ejaculation treatment and contributes to sexual health. While zinc is an essential part of male fertility, there could be an association between zinc-rich supplements and sexual issues.

Certain studies reveal that the zinc levels in their seminal fluids were lower than the average for males who have infertility. Zinc supplements can help with sexual dysfunction and increase testosterone levels. 

Further, a higher testosterone level may help enhance sexual drive in men. Although there’s no evidence suggesting that zinc can stop premature ejaculation, it can assist.

Consider Engaging Yourself Engaging In Yoga & Exercises

Alongside these foods that help prevent premature ejaculation problems, certain yoga poses can slow down ejaculation. 

A significant psychological element is the leading cause of early ejaculation: stress. Thus, managing these root problems can help alleviate the symptoms. 

Counseling couples can be highly beneficial in managing the problem, and a supporting spouse can often help resolve the issue instead of making it worse. Further, men can achieve good results by coupling counseling with early ejaculation medicine. 

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Kegel Exercises

Your body uses several muscles each time you exercise. Through training and strengthening these muscles, you will be more in control of the process of ejaculation.

The most efficient exercise for the pelvic floor is Kegel. 

Fortunately, the exercise is relatively easy and can be done easily throughout the typical day:

  1. Find the correct muscles. Next time you have to urinate, you can cut the urine flow off midstream. These are the muscles you’ll be working.
  2. You might want to start doing these exercises by lying on your back. However, with time, you’ll be able to complete them sitting, standing, or walking.
  3. You can squeeze the muscles you identified in the first step. Keep them as tightly as you can for five, then let them go. Repeat them after a five-count.
  4. Repeat the process 10-20 times during each session, and complete at least two or three sessions each day.

So, along with early ejaculation medicine, perform Kegels for better results. 

Is Early Ejaculation Medicine Effective?

Yes, early ejaculation medicine is effective, but only if you take the right dosage after receiving a prescription from a trusted doctor and buying the right medications from reputed sites. 

So it is vital that you consult with the best doctor to treat your underlying condition. Moreover, you can have an online consultation with the specialists of Ohman to bring improvement in your PE. The doctors can offer the right premature ejaculation treatment following a confidential consultation. 

Can You Get Early Ejaculation Medicine Online?

Yes! There are several sites that offer you early discharge treatment medication. However, their ingredients aren’t regulated. 

Yet, at Ohman, you can get ED medicines that are FDA-approved and recommended by the doctors. 

Final Say

Apart from including early ejaculation medicine, it is vital to make certain dietary improvements, quit smoking, and regular exercise. These can be effective for premature ejaculation treatment. 



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