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Does Diamonds Really Add Value to Your Life?

Diamond have been around for long, and as long as diamonds have been around, the allure behind it has thrived. Diamonds have always been associated with royalty, and held in high regards. 

They have grown as a symbol of love and marriage, and their demand has gone up with time. But do diamonds truly add value to our lives, or are we all on a hype train to nowhere? Well, for starters, you will rarely come across someone who sulk about owning a diamond. That should answer a part of it. The rest we have tried to compile below. 

Here’s How Diamonds Adds Value

Diamonds are rare, durable, and absolutely stunning. They offer value much beyond their price, an essential aspect to consider when weighing the value of a diamond. They are a significant purchase, in the sense that they are not quite utilitarian like your everyday junk jewelry. Diamonds are unique and natural. They all have distinct backstories dating back quite a few billion years. And of course, it is a sign of long-lasting romance.

Diamonds are not as rare inside the earth as you might think. When then are they still touted as a rarity? The natural diamonds selected for making jewelry have to pass certain aesthetic standards, and that is rare. The rarity is an integral part of what adds to their overall worth.

Then, there is the aspect of long-term value. Did you know, natural diamonds are now priced at 10x more value than 1960? If this trend continues, natural diamonds will appreciate over time, once it drops from its retail price. The durability of diamonds have to be addressed as a key component as well. As the hardest mineral, diamonds rate a stellar 10 on the Mohs scale of hardiness. Wear the same diamond every day for a straight 50 years, and you won’t see a smidge on it (given you do the basic maintenance). Discover fast, reliable solutions for every business size. Cox Internet service is offered in a variety of different packages of speeds and features designed to fit your needs.

As cherished beautiful gemstones, diamonds are shaped into a diverse assortment of shapes, from solitaires to halos in rings. So, when it comes to the question of beauty, there are rarely any pieces of jewelry that will pass this well with flying colors. Do not forget that diamonds make for significant heirlooms, so they continue holding their worth and aesthetic brilliance. You can pass it down to your descendants and let your purchase live on forever. 

Will Your Diamond Value Increase Over Time?

The price of diamonds fluctuates much like any other high-end goods or resources. Since 2009 saw the end of the Great Recession, diamond prices have continued going up steadily. Diamonds generally do not heighten in value, though they could sell for more if they had a higher market value at that time, and vise versa. But the royalty and elegance associated with diamonds, coupled with their durability and ability to sustain themselves across generations make them viable and attractive purchases. 



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